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Three Routes to a Championship

November 22, 2015 - Posted by SamMays

In looking at the teams that have won championships over the last ten years or so, there seems to me to be three ways of doing it.

1. Golden State. They were extremely fortunate in the draft and the players they drafted developed into NBA stars with surprising quickness, especially given where they went in the draft. The main ones were Curry, Thompson, Barnes and Green. None were #1 picks. Yet they became stars in this league while they were still under their rookie deals, which meant they were cheap so the team could afford pay or bring in good players to surround them. Livingston, Bogut,...

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Worrying Tendencies from Preseason Games

October 15, 2015 - Posted by Paris_Clipper

Overall the preseason games are just that: the preseason games - they don't matter. But there are some bad tendencies that have appeared that we seem to have not corrected at all.

One of the main things is REBOUNDING. It seems to have gotten even worse from last year, what with Smith playing the center and Pierce the the PF for the second team with no Cole Aldrich to be seen. Once the second team gets on the floor, we get pounded on the boards, every time. In all games we lost, we got out-rebounded by a large margin. We had meager 6 offensive boards while shooting 36% from the...

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Lance Stephenson Stats Discussion/Analysis

August 22, 2015 - Posted by Agent0

Lance Stephenson is 25 years old. There was a pattern of improvement from 11-12 (21 years old) to 13-14 (23 years old), which makes sense for a young player. Purely production wise, based on what we've seen from many years of the NBA and many players, 14-15 was likely an outlier poor season. 13-14 could be an outlier season too, but that depends on the rate of production we see this season. If 13-14 is an outlier, then his true baseline rate of production would most likely lie somewhere between 12-13's and 13-14's production.

So if that is the case, then Lance's baseline per 36 production...

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Clippers vs Rockets - What REALLY Happened - Maybe!

May 18, 2015 - Posted by BaadMaster

Rational men and women would wonder how a sports team, which the Vegas Odds makers installed as favorites (when we were up 3-1) to win this year's NBA Championship, could flame out so ignominiously.

Everyone here has theories. It is the coach. (Hindsight, yes, would have dictated Hack-A-Dwight when we were up nineteen; this is immaterial.) Some CTBer's, with good logic, feel that the J-Team, JJ and Jamal, blew it. I was of this ilk. Other said we have no "superstar closer" when the endgame nears. Close, but no cigar.

All one has to do is look at Phil Jackson's last ride with...

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Clippers: The Foul Machines

March 19, 2015 - Posted by Agent0

One overlooked massive defensive issue that has the potential to cause a lot of problems in the playoffs, and actually was a big part of what lost the series vs Memphis in 12-13 is that the Clippers are HACKS!

This team is 29th in opponent FT/FGA and rank 28th in opponent FTM. This isn't new. They were 29th in 11-12 and 12-13 under VDN, which was still bad, but they had the saving grade in 12-13 that they also led the league in forcing turnovers. Of course I've expressed it before that while that defense looks good in the regulars season, against disciplined teams, if you're primary mode...

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State of the Clippers Franchise 2014-15

February 7, 2015 - Posted by SamMays

As I have done in the past, around the time of the all-star game, I will put together my thoughts on where the team and franchise is. So here we go again for 2015.

At present, the Clippers have the 8th best record in the NBA and 6th best in the west. Our record this year is .64 as compared to .69 last year. That is about two wins worse than last year to this point. Not a big difference, but an important one for a couple reasons. First, we have been much healthier this season than last when JJ missed more than half the season. As a result, our best ball was ahead of us as we approached the...

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2014-15 Clippers' Biggest Problem on Offense

January 16, 2015 - Posted by JungleGym

(Apologize in advance for the length. TLDR: The Clippers don't get into the paint much; the clippers need to get into the paint more).

First time poster, long-time admirer of the site, so props to everyone for creating an engaging community. Like all of you, I watched the Clips/Blazers game Wednesday and came away happy the Clippers won, but worried about how their offense performed throughout the game. So I decided to do some digging.

What I saw Wednesday was an offense that struggled and sometimes...

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How Does the Clippers Team Fix The 2014-15 Season?

January 6, 2015 - Posted by toohipcliptoslip

I didn't read the Atlanta thread at all because I was so pissed. I once said that the difference between an optimist and a pessimist is that the pessimist is better informed. Maybe it's time to say that the emperor has no clothes. This team is mediocre at best.

With the exception of GSW we've never beaten a good team and Bogut was out. The teams we have beaten are sub We almost lost to PHX at home. Denver is good at home but they are sub We have been at full strength and most other teams have had a franchise player out. Rose, Durant, Bogut, DeRosen, Aldrich. We soon will have...

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Let's Face It, There Are No Perfect Teams

November 21, 2014 - Posted by BaadMaster

I have been on CTB for awhile now, and I do not think a lot of us have made the adjustment to the affect that the current CBA has had on the League.

Many of us are living in the past, where a team could have a few All-Stars as their "Big Three" and a bunch a superb role players to round out a team. Now, every team has at least one retread -- or a bum -- at a starting position and a bunch of lesser, lower paid role players on the bench.

I see many here dissing Jordan Farmar. He is about the best you can get for the allotted money. Period. We have a weakness at the three. Well,...

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When Did Lob City Become Three Point Clang City?

November 2, 2014 - Posted by BaadMaster

There are two aspects to pro basketball -- winning and excitement. Me, I like excitement first. I admit I enjoyed Allen Iverson flailing away on those losing Philly teams. (But I was never a Philly fan.) If a team hits the Daily Double -- winning and excitement, that is ideal. It rarely happens to your team however. But if a team wins but is dull, like San Antonio, I would rather watch America's Got Talent.

A year ago, it seems the Clippers were on the verge of pulling that rare Daily Double -- winning and excitement. Lob City was more fun than a free pass to Disneyland. Plus we were...

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Milwaukee BucksMIL610.37564-42-62-26-897.9106.1-8.2L23-7
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1Golden State WarriorsGS1701.000-9-08-05-013-0115.599.7+15.8W1710-0
2San Antonio SpursSA133.8133.58-05-32-18-298.989.8+9.1W49-1
3Oklahoma City ThunderOKC116.64768-33-32-06-2109.4102.8+6.6W47-3
4Dallas MavericksDAL97.5637.54-25-52-37-5100.6100.3+0.4L36-4
5Memphis GrizzliesMEM98.52985-34-53-17-696.5100.4-3.9L16-4
6Los Angeles ClippersLAC88.5008.56-42-43-37-7103.3102.8+0.4W14-6
7Minnesota TimberwolvesMIN88.5008.52-66-21-13-3101.3101.1+0.2W34-6
8Utah JazzUTAH77.5008.52-25-51-23-395.193.6+1.5W15-5
Phoenix SunsPHX79.4389.55-52-43-27-7106.2105.4+0.8L44-6
Denver NuggetsDEN610.37510.53-63-41-35-1098.9104.4-5.6L54-6
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Portland Trail BlazersPOR610.37510.53-43-62-16-7100.3101.3-0.9L12-8
Sacramento KingsSAC611.353114-62-51-41-8105.1108.4-3.3L15-5
New Orleans PelicansNO412.25012.53-41-82-14-7102.4109.4-6.9L14-6
Los Angeles LakersLAL212.14313.51-51-70-30-896.7105.8-9.1L42-8
Sortable Los Angeles Clippers Player Stats
Blake Griffin, PF161633.925.
Chris Paul, PG131331.817.
J.J. Redick, SG131327.
Jamal Crawford, SG16226.
DeAndre Jordan, C161632.
Austin Rivers, PG16324.
Josh Smith, C16015.
Wesley Johnson, SF16315.
Lance Stephenson, SF151018.
Paul Pierce, SF15320.
Pablo Prigioni, PG5111.
Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, PF1404.
Cole Aldrich, C503.

Sortable Los Angeles Clippers Player Offensive Stats
Blake Griffin, PF10.218.6.5470.20.6.3334.55.90.7610.018.0.5541.3460.55
Chris Paul, PG6.113.1.4651.33.7.3543.84.50.854.89.4.5081.3240.51
J.J. Redick, SG4.910.2.4812.04.4.4562.12.50.842.95.8.5001.3610.58
Jamal Crawford, SG4.111.1.3651.13.9.2863.63.90.943.07.2.4091.1570.42
DeAndre Jordan, C3.95.7.6920.00.0.0002.76.70.403.95.7.6921.8570.69
Austin Rivers, PG3.47.7.4390.72.8.2441.32.10.592.74.9.5511.1300.48
Josh Smith, C1.95.1.3780.51.9.2670.91.50.581.43.2.4421.0240.43
Wesley Johnson, SF2.03.9.5080.82.1.3940.30.40.671.21.8.6331.2860.61
Lance Stephenson, SF1.84.7.3860.51.3.3500.71.10.651.33.4.4001.0290.44
Paul Pierce, SF1.44.5.3090.73.1.2391.01.20.830.71.4.4551.0000.39
Pablo Prigioni, PG0.43.2.1250.42.4.1670.
Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, PF0.40.9.4620.10.11.0000.
Cole Aldrich, C0.40.6.6670.00.0.0000.20.40.500.40.6.6671.6670.67
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