Your Los Angeles Clippers and you, the fans, are what this site is all about. We want to create the best medium for you to talk about NBA basketball and to get up-to-the-minute Clipper rumors + news in a forum/blog format where you can easily make comments. Led by new coach Doc Rivers, Blake Griffin is now a top 5 player in the NBA, Chris Paul has re-signed, DeAndre Jordan is much improved, & with the dynamic Jamal Crawford, 3 point shooter extraordinaire JJ Redick, & 3 point shooting big man Spencer Hawes, the 2014-2015 team is more balanced and powerful. With the financial resources of new owner Steve Ballmer, the future looks bright. There is an active Clippers Message Board to discuss anything re: the team or the NBA and chat about the most recent game. The fans have been described as some of the best in the NBA who hang with the team through thick and thin (well- mostly thin in the past). Blake Griffin & Chris Paul are leading the team into championship contention (will one of them be MVP?), so fellow fans are able to share the excitement and thoughts about the Team. If you have any suggestions/requests to make this site a better experience for you please contact us and let us know! Go Clips and go Clipper Nation!

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Let's Face It, There Are No Perfect Teams

November 21, 2014 - Posted by BaadMaster

I have been on CTB for awhile now, and I do not think a lot of us have made the adjustment to the affect that the current CBA has had on the League.

Many of us are living in the past, where a team could have a few All-Stars as their "Big Three" and a bunch a superb role players to round out a team. Now, every team has at least one retread -- or a bum -- at a starting position and a bunch of lesser, lower paid role players on the bench.

I see many here dissing Jordan Farmar. He is about the best you can get for the allotted money. Period. We have a weakness at the three. Well,...

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When Did Lob City Become Three Point Clang City?

November 2, 2014 - Posted by BaadMaster

There are two aspects to pro basketball -- winning and excitement. Me, I like excitement first. I admit I enjoyed Allen Iverson flailing away on those losing Philly teams. (But I was never a Philly fan.) If a team hits the Daily Double -- winning and excitement, that is ideal. It rarely happens to your team however. But if a team wins but is dull, like San Antonio, I would rather watch America's Got Talent.

A year ago, it seems the Clippers were on the verge of pulling that rare Daily Double -- winning and excitement. Lob City was more fun than a free pass to Disneyland. Plus we were...

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Clippers Team Defense Analysis Via Synergy Sports

August 10, 2014 - Posted by Agent0

Synergy Sports is a good resource for scouting players, especially because they have video (more if you are actually signed up) so you are able to see exactly how they plays are happening, and the context of the plays.

One thing that people don't look at which is actually very useful is the team numbers, which you don't have to adjust for things like, for example, a spot up shot is counted as being made against you, but you were just hustling and actually helping on a teammates man but couldn't get there quickly enough. You didn't play bad defense there, you actually played good defense,...

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Chris Paul is NOT Lebron James or Kevin Durant

May 20, 2014 - Posted by Agent0

Chris Paul is NOT Lebron or Durant

We're not getting a Lebron or Durant, and we aren't moving to the East where we get an easier road to success. The quicker people realize that, the sooner they will at the least start appreciating the stars that we do have. That's really all their is to it. The Clippers were arguably a top 4 team in the league: Miami, SA, OKC, LAC, and they lost to one of the other top 4 teams. We have glaring faults we all knew about (SF position, backup C) that aren't related to our PG getting a sucky and stupid turnover when he averaged 23/4/12 on .611 TS%, whose...

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Clippers vs Thunder 2014 - What Went Wrong?

May 16, 2014 - Posted by toohipcliptoslip

I'm not pissed off. I'm disappointed but proud of the guys.

Forget the injuries bad calls and so forth. We have "the best point guard in the league, the third best player in the league and the sixth man of the year and a champion coach yet we go seven games with GSW and get beaten by OKC obviously a better team .There is something wrong. We are the highest scoring team in the league and we have the best rebounder in the league. We have a shooter who shoots lights out coming off screens yet this team will never go anywhere in the playoffs.

Sacrilege -- should we dump Chris Paul?...

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Is The NBA Fixed?

May 10, 2014 - Posted by BaadMaster

This is my first foray into creating a topic here. But I think, after watching last night's game, one question is important enough to warrant serious discussion. The question: "Is the NBA fixed?"

Now before I give my views, let me first proclaim that the players are not in on it. They are playing their hardest, to their abilities and beyond and want to win at all costs. Even when it looks like they are lollygagging, loping after 50/50 balls and "playing soft," that is an illusion that we, as observers, delude ourselves with. As Mark Cuban said, and I paraphrase, the...

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Letter to Commissioner Adam Silver from a Clipper Fan

April 27, 2014 - Posted by pageC4

Hey guys. I spent quite some time on this letter. I wanted to run it by you guys before I send it to the NBA. I don't know if it will reach the intended party, but I thought I would share it:

Commissioner Adam Silver,

I'm sure that you are a very busy man, and while I don't expect a response I just hope that one day this letter may make it to your desk. Like many other fans I have enjoyed watching the NBA over the course of 13 years now, and I have taken pride in watching history happen. I have witnessed the rise of young players like Blake Griffin, Stephen Curry, and Damian...

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Which Clipper Would Be Your Wingman?

April 5, 2014 - Posted by cleepers

My wife brought up who she'd most like to have over for dinner, and I thought it might make for interesting it's also a perfect excuse to use David's new list system!

Just for sh!ts and giggles, if the current Clippers were your crew, who would you be closest to? ...who would you trust the most? Who do you like/respect the most? Who would you want to have your back in a bad situation?

Based on what you know about the guys from meeting them, seeing them live, seeing them on TV or reading guy is most like your best buddy? ...or which guy would you like...

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Doc Rivers on Reggie Bullock, Blake Griffin, Redick/Jamal

July 16, 2013 - Posted by Agent0

During Reggie's press conference, Doc was really hyping up what they are going to do with his shooting and defense after working him out and taking him through training camp, so it does really seem like he wants to play him. He moves off the ball well, so he can do a little bit of the off ball action.

Listened to the Doc interview, and he said he wants to use Blake more facing up but that they will still give him post ups when he has that positioning, which is fine. I actually think Blake's next step is becoming a more proficient face up player which is also tied to him becoming a better...

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Which Clipper Will be Guarding LeBron James?

July 11, 2013 - Posted by NUMB3RFIFTY

LeBron Cornelius James

The reason I ask: Barring a catastrophe, the Eastern Conference will be won by the Miami Heat. If we're fortunate enough to make the finals (although some people think we're already a lock) we're going to be confronted with LBJ at arguably the prime of his career.

You don't need to remind me: I get it. You can't guard him. Best thing you can do is slow him down. But even the biggest optimists here have to admit some players slow him down better than...

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Clippers Standings
Clippers Record: 19-8, 4 Games Back. Playoff Seed #6 In Conference.

Eastern Conference
1Toronto 226.786-14-38-35-015-4107.899.1+8.7Won 68-2
2Atlanta 197.731212-27-55-215-5103.097.0+6.1Won 39-1
3Washington 197.731213-36-45-213-5100.897.1+3.7Lost 18-2
4Chicago 179.65445-512-42-212-4102.298.4+3.8Won 27-3
5Cleveland 1610.615510-56-53-013-4102.899.4+3.4Won 27-3
6Milwaukee 1414.50087-47-103-38-899.5101.0-1.5Lost 14-6
7Miami 1315.46495-98-63-59-994.598.0-3.5Won 14-6
8Brooklyn 1115.423106-75-84-28-1096.298.5-2.3Won 14-6
 Boston 1015.40010 ½7-83-73-28-8104.0104.5-0.5Lost 16-4
 Orlando 1020.333133-87-122-56-1493.699.3-5.7Lost 43-7
 Indiana 919.321135-84-111-25-893.696.5-3.0Won 12-8
 Charlotte 819.29613 ½6-92-102-36-895.6100.9-5.3Won 24-6
 Detroit 523.179172-133-101-32-1194.4101.1-6.7Lost 42-8
 New York 525.167183-122-132-44-1594.1100.3-6.2Lost 51-9
 Philadelphia 323.115180-143-90-62-1391.4103.3-11.9Won 13-7
Western Conference
1Golden State 223.880-9-113-24-114-3107.597.6+9.8Won 19-1
2Portland 226.7861 ½12-210-45-110-5103.796.3+7.5Won 58-2
3Memphis 216.778212-29-44-214-2102.497.0+5.4Lost 26-4
4Houston 197.7313 ½9-510-23-213-699.796.3+3.4Lost 27-3
5Dallas 208.7143 ½10-410-43-38-6109.7102.4+7.3Won 37-3
6LA Clippers 198.704411-38-53-210-5106.4100.2+6.3Won 17-3
7San Antonio 1711.6076 ½8-49-72-49-10102.197.5+4.6Lost 44-6
8New Orleans 1413.51998-46-92-310-10102.5102.4+0.0Won 16-4
 Phoenix 1514.51796-79-73-36-8104.3103.1+1.2Won 34-6
 Oklahoma City 1315.46410 ½7-66-93-37-1096.695.2+1.4Lost 18-2
 Sacramento 1215.444117-95-63-210-11101.1101.7-0.6Won 13-7
 Denver 1215.444118-64-92-46-10102.2103.9-1.7Won 23-7
 LA Lakers 819.296153-105-91-64-16102.1109.2-7.1Lost 34-6
 Utah 820.28615 ½4-94-111-23-1196.4101.5-5.2Lost 13-7
 Minnesota 521.19217 ½3-112-101-22-1398.2108.4-10.2Lost 51-9
Sortable LA Clippers Player Stats
Blake Griffin, PF272735.
Chris Paul, PG272734.717.
Jamal Crawford, SG26226.516.
J.J. Redick, SG272729.314.
Matt Barnes, SF252327.
DeAndre Jordan, C272733.
Spencer Hawes, PF22017.
Jordan Farmar, PG25014.
Glen Davis, PF22010.
C.J. Wilcox, SG303.
Reggie Bullock, SG1429.
Hedo Turkoglu, SF2209.
Chris Douglas-Roberts, SG8011.
Jared Cunningham, SG1505.
Ekpe Udoh, PF1103.

Sortable LA Clippers Player Offensive Stats
Blake Griffin, PF8.918.0.4910.30.5.5385.27.10.738.617.5.4891.2850.50
Chris Paul, PG6.613.3.4971.53.8.3923.13.50.885.19.5.5391.3390.55
Jamal Crawford, SG5.212.2.4242.05.5.3543.74.20.903.26.7.4831.3160.50
J.J. Redick, SG4.710.3.4602.35.6.4142.73.10.872.44.7.5161.4140.57
Matt Barnes, SF3.47.0.4831.43.9.3671.01.20.772.03.1.6321.3100.59
DeAndre Jordan, C3.95.6.7020.00.0.0001.32.90.443.95.6.7071.6290.70
Spencer Hawes, PF2.35.4.4200.82.5.3331.01.40.681.52.9.4921.1680.50
Jordan Farmar, PG1.74.4.3851.02.6.3690.20.20.830.71.8.4091.0370.50
Glen Davis, PF1.52.8.5250.00.0.0000.61.00.591.52.8.5251.2620.52
C.J. Wilcox, SG1.01.7.6001.01.3.7500.
Reggie Bullock, SG1.02.3.4380.61.6.4090.
Hedo Turkoglu, SF1.02.0.5120.61.2.5380.00.10.500.40.8.4711.3720.67
Chris Douglas-Roberts, SG0.62.6.2380.10.9.1431.
Jared Cunningham, SG0.51.7.2690.10.7.1820.50.90.540.41.0.333.8850.31
Ekpe Udoh, PF0.10.5.1670.00.0.0000.
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Will DeAndre Jordan be a Clipper in 2015-16?

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