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I think we would still be 8-2 if you had Barnes as the starter. Look how he played in the 2nd half with the starters on the floor. A good productive player is a good productive player no matter what unit he's playing with.

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I have been a clipper fan since 1986-87 season and I cant name a clipper team that is this deep , and the baeuty of this team is that they all seems to be on the same page !!!! How bout hiring phil Jackson as gm !! Lets kick the fakers in the balls

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No other team in the LEAGUE has such a deep team right now!

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IMO, the only Clipper team that comes close would be the 02-03 disaster. Good, young individuals.

-Miller was one of the top young PG's

-EB was a top 5 PF

-Maggs was a young, upcoming swing

-So was Q

-Kandi Man looked like a top 5 center the season before.

-Pike was one of the best outside shooters in the league.

-Odom was the jack of all traides

-Wilcox and Ely were 2 young bigs.

Almost everyone were at the end of their rookie contracts trying to "get out of jail" and was absolutely horrible. Chris Paul would have kicked every single one of those guys in the nadz.

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The 05-06 team might say hi.

You can't forget the workhorse of Elton Brand

Defensive anchor in Chris Kaman

Reliable shooter in Cuttino Mobley

Defensive stopper in Quentin Ross

The Chris Paul clutch in Sam Cassell

The spark from the bench in Corey Magettee

Three Point Bomber in V-Rad

A Reliable backup in Zeliko Rebracca

Everyone fan favorite Shaun Livingston

Also Don't forget that jumping James Singleton and Boom on the rim Walter McCartney

Plus no hair Mike Dunleavy (the control freak)

I like that team.

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It would be fun to go back and gather all those preseason analyst's "evaluations" on rosters/ benches/ depth etc. I recall didnt even have the Clipps bench in the top 5.

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Probably not. Despit analysis it comes down to the games being played on the court. On paper the team with the best moves this offseason was the LAkers, but the game isnt played on paper and chemistry, injuries, and guys having bad/good years is unpredictable. This season revealed that the Clippers got lightning in a bottle with all their decisions...Barnes was a guy that was cut by the Lakers for good reason. When I first heard of this signing I was dead set against it. But this guy has been playing like a champ...he is my favorite player this year because he is exceeding his perceived ability. We are paying this guy chump change and he is playing as if he deserves three times what he earns. Also, Crawford, a guy averagin 13 points a game last year, did not impress statistically, but once he got on that court I think everyone thought "how the hell did we not know about this guy."

The consensus here was that we messed up by not getting Ray Allen, but Crawford has been just as good if not better.

Out of all our moves the only one that hasnt lived up to the hype had been Odom, and the front office minimized the risk by only committing to one year...awesome.

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<Had to delete part of your quote because my itouch is retarded>

If that team had a real coach, we would have gone to the WCF. Even Vinny would have been good enough to take this team to the WCF. Livingston would have gotten more time. Maggette would have been utilized better. Putting Maggette on the bench was a horrible idea that disrupted our team chemistry at a time it mattered most. Mike Dunleavy was our cancer that put himself over the team. Yes, I know, the coach is supposed to lead the team but not let personal interest affect the team. Put Dunleavy on this current Clipper team, Paul would walk.

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