Playoff Hopes Diminishing

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The waters keep gettin rougher. The Clippers, with the way they are playing, are going to have a hard enough time trying to sneak into the playoffs. It doesn't help when the teams around them are likely going to get stronger. Denver is currently holding the eighth spot and will be getting Carmelo Anthony back in the next week. Golden State is also ahead of the Clippers and has a chance to improve in the coming weeks now that they've made a trade. Not only did they get rid of two problems (and bad contracts) in Dunleavy and Murphy, but they got a couple of guys that will fit better in Don Nelson's system in Harrington and Jackson.

And all the while, the Clippers stand pat and preach patience. Well, with each day we wait for last year's team to magically re-appear, the closer we get to making reservations for this year's draft lottery. Who would have thought a team with this much talent, coming off a great season, would be more likely to get in the lottery than the playoffs?

The Golden State trade may push the Clippers into doing something. My gut feeling is that the Maggette for Artest trade is going to be discussed again. Sacramento just lost their 7th game in a row and I think they are going to have to make a move before their guys start killing each other. Artest would definitely be a risk but I'd be willing to take it. Obviously, nothing has worked so far and I'd rather try something to kick-start the team than just sit there and do nothing.

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It is getting rough. They had a chance to get over the hump playing Cleveland and G.S. and blew it in the fourth. Sam Cassell's just a bit too inconsistent this year. We need that second player to consistently BE there with Brand and its not happening. And Dunleavy has problems deciding what his lineup shall include. I'm gonna look into a trade proposition to try and get Chris Paul. I'll post something in a bit here.

The Clippers do need to exercise some patience though. It's important to not be too impetuous and risky. Especially for the long haul. This season may not go as planned...but there is a lot of learning to be made from this season. Maggette will be gone next's a fact...I only hope we get equal value for him.

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