Coach: Ailing Kobe Bryant overused

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votes: 14 angeles-lakers-says-felt-injured-foot-was-fall-off LOS ANGELES -- Kobe Bryant scored a game-high 40 points in the Los Angeles Lakers' 105-95 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday, but the scoring outburst might have come at a cost. Bryant said he was playing on one leg and told reporters in the locker room after the game that he felt like his right foot was "about to fall off" during the game. Bryant missed a week's worth of practice and the final two preseason games while he recovered from a right foot injury that Bryant characterized as an ankle contusion that also irritated the tendon that runs....

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flaker fans have to be thankful he went for 40 or we blow them out by 25 to 30 points. unfortunately for them, we won and he paid the price.

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Just keep shooting, snake-boy. Who needs teammates, right?

He made some ridiculous shots that were perfectly defended. Usually, those 23 FGA's would have netted him 28-30pts. He was luckier than usual, and we still handled them.

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^Exactly. Could easily have been a 20+ point loss and the Laker fans know it.

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I have posted the very same thing before, the Lakers as overhyped as they are could be in for some big problems. It's been high expectations that haven't been fully justified. Yes, they have a great starting five, but what use is Nash in this offense, it takes away the best part of his game, not to mention Kobe will be demanding to have the ball in his hands more than him. The other major issue that gets over looked at least in terms of the "experts" is that they are old and because of their poor bench will require them to log major mins. What they are is a slightly better version of the Blazers, I say slightly because at least the Blazers are considerably younger and less breakdown should occur (and the fact there is no expectations for them this season). You never know what will unfold in an NBA season but as a Clipper fan, the thought of a Laker collapse makes me happy.

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I hope they keep overusing him.

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^its going to keep happening. they are too thin.

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