Lakers just pooped their big boy pants

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Go to the NBC sports site and they have a link to the Rockets announcer Craig Ackerman (sp?) at the end of the game last night.

Freking hilarious.

I watched the Laker pre-game & post game show and it is nothing short of comical seeing James & Robert trying to keep from outright saying these guys suck..........Currently I receive as much joy watching the Lakers lose as I do seeing the Clipps win. I guess deep down after being a STH going on my 12th year and watching the Clipps when I lived in Vegas since about 1990 and enduring some serious droughts, I really want to see the fairweathered fans of the Lakers eat some S**T for a couple years.

Go Clippers!

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Haha heard this on the radio today and it was really funny. He pretty much summed up the Lakers night perfectly hahaha

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lmao, isnt this the truth. lol.

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I love that commentator, he's so enthusiastic, I bet that a premeditated quote if the rockets were to win, CAN'T BELIEVE they didn't put that on in the recap.

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couldnt find the video can you put a link up?

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