'What' made YOU a Clippers Fan? (P. 2)

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I watched some clippers games when I was young. But what really got me hooked was the Clips drafting Lamar Odom. Been a huge fan representing ever since

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cool article I read which pretty much sums up what made me a Clippers fan..Im sure many of you can agree.

(since I can't post URLs yet - commas to dots) sports,yahoo,com/news/years-losing-los-angeles-clippers-fans-hope-vind ication-181000350--nba,html

COMMENTARY | In the world of sports, the Los Angeles Lakers have continued to stand out as an elite franchise. Since their founding in 1948 they have made 59 playoff appearances, won 16 championships, and every year expectations are higher than the year before.

The Los Angeles Clippers have been perennial losers, the antithesis of the Lakers. They have no championships and only eight playoff appearances since their founding in 1970. It is only natural to ask, "Why would anyone be a Clipper fan?" It is a question all Clipper fans have struggled with.

On January 7, 2001, the Clippers upset the defending champion Lakers 118-95. In an emotional post-game interview, Clipper Lamar Odom thanked the fans for sticking with them and said that the Clippers never get respect. This was the moment I became a fan. They never did anything to warrant any kind of respect, but I saw a sincere effort to win and an even stronger desire for recognition. They had talent and athleticism, but they could not escape their team's cursed reputation.

The curse mostly comes from the notoriously cheap, billionaire owner who has historically refused to pay his best players what they deserve, making the culture around the team seem like what Lamar Odom would later call "basketball hell" after leaving in 2003.

As talented and exciting as the young players are, they cannot choose where they play. They were all kids at one point, dreaming of the day they would play in the NBA, and probably worked hard to be the best in their class only to get drafted by one of the worst franchises in all of sports. It's like a child who wants to succeed in the world but struggles because he comes from a troubled background. It is not his fault. We root for those players because they are part of a bad franchise, and we want them to overcome and transcend that obstacle.

For Clipper fans, it is about more than winning. If it were only about winning, we have obviously been rooting for the wrong team. We want to believe that people can decide their own destiny instead of having the conditions they are forced into decide for them. We want to believe that the person is stronger than the legacy, and we hope that one day Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and the Larry O'Brien Trophy will vindicate us.

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