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1 San Antonio 17-4 -- Last Week: 1 Legend has it that the Spurs wait until their annual Rodeo Road Trip to really get going, but they've actually racked up 16 wins in their first 20 games for the sixth time in Gregg Popovich's 16 seasons. The only other coaches who can match that: Phil Jackson (seven) and Red Auerbach (six). 2 Oklahoma City 17-4 2 Last Week: 4 More evidence to suggest that the post-Harden healing process is moving at a brisk pace: OKC has just reeled off 12 straight 100-point games. Have to rewind all the way to the 1994-95 season,....

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John Hollinger has us at #3

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How can they possibly have the Lakers ranked number 10?

They have already pooped their big boy pants and do not appear to be getting anywhere fast.

I think 3 for the Clippers is fair, what I especially like is the fact we seem to be flying under the radar with the media right now. I really like that, I want teams to under estimate us. Although, with the way were playing right now I dont think thats the case.

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This is in the game day thread. You are aware that when you start a thread, there is a drop down window at the top where you can choose what forum your thread pertains to. Seems everyone is overlooking this simple concept. No offense, it seems everyone does this, not just you.

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Thanks Joe just realized that. Never paid any attention to the drop down window. Ill start posting new topics in correct threads.

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NBA.com has us at #7 and the Lakers at #18. Which I disagree about our rankings, but agree with the Lakers rankings

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winning is all that matters,,not random numbers put out by some biased writers,,,,and winning we are ! They can rank us 138th if they want,,right up to when we win the finals,,then they may have to re-think it

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Hey, the D'Achiers have dibs on 138th.

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