Kevin not feeling the Love in the Twin Cities?

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I was just glancing over a Yahoo article earlier in regards to Kevin Love, and it appears that he's unhappy and unsure about the Timberwolves, let alone his own future with the team. A lot of his recent displeasure stems from that recent injury, and the Wolves are reportedly questioning whether or not it was legit.

I remember him stating before that before he commits long-term, Love would like to see the Timberwolves can put better players around him.

If he's willing to take a bit of a potential paycut (based on whatever money the Wolves can offer), he could always come back, and suit up for the Clippers when his contract is up. ... 09299.html

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Ah, that ain't happening with us...maybe the Lakers. Ugh.

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^ Yeah, I always thought they'd wind up with him on their roster... but I don't think he's going anywhere until the last year of his current deal.

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I got the impressions Love is pissed cause they hesitating to offer him the Max, I think he deserves the max!

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If Lakers were smart they would trade Howard for Love, think about it he can shoot the 3 ball, he can rebound and get his own shot so he doesn't have to rely on Kobe passing to him, he is definitely a better D'Antoni player than Howard. Obviously I hope they don't do it because they would be better.

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What is wrong with the GM?He doesn't think Kevin Love is worth the max?As much as I like Blake,Love is the best PF in the game today.Not because he shoots 3's,the reason he is the best is because he crashes the boards and grabs almost every rebound he is able too get and gets his points any way possible.He is a hard worker who is better than he should be.He isn't a athlete like Blake or Howard,he is just a hard worker that out hustles you and out works you.He can shoot,has some post moves and if his shot isn't going down he is very good at getting fouled and is a good free throw shooter.His defense still has room to grow but he isn't horrible either.A lot of guys get overpaid in the NBA,especially Centers and PF,but Love is worth every penny of a max contract.

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Lol the owner himself said he didn't feel Love was a star because he didn't lead the Timberwolves to the playoffs. Sorry but the Timberwolves are a horribly managed franchise.

They put such a terrible supporting cast around KG that makes Lebron and Chris Paul's supporting cast in Cleveland and the Hornets look good.

The GM Kahn is also an incompetent moron.

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Kahn is cheap and has always been cheap. He won't pay Love until he has a definite reason. If Kahn was smart, he would pay Love, Rubio, & Pek and build around that 3. But nope, he'll wait until the last minute to offer and lose them.

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