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our defense will definately carry this team all year. excellent performances from cp3 and griffin. and yes that dunk by ebled was sick. i heard marv albert and reggie "flaker fan boy" miller call russell westbrook the most athletic pg in the league. idk about that after watching ebled tonight.

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CP3 to Bled alley-oop... Shocked Oooohh MEEeeEE Oohhh MYYYY!!!

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That was awesome. Despite having a off night, this team really know how to win and that's important coming playoff time when our shot was not falling. We have to go to plan B and C.

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I love these games where we have the games won and we start doing all type of crazy stuff in the end. The Fans love it and the Other team and their fans must hate it but oh well! haha.

Not much to say but lets keep it going. When we play defense like we do NO ONE IN THE NBA CAN BEAT US. It sparks our breaks and we do not need to solely rely on easy buckets since we have some decent shooters but it really really helps.

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Good win but bad game. We only shot 42% from the field and had a bunch of silly turnovers, but we were able to play some really good defense on a poor team that played the second half without their best player. As great as all the highlights were (and they were pretty damn great) we can't get into the habit of playing this sloppily against teams of this caliber.

Our defense looked very good though. Have to put up a similar effort against the Suns on Sunday.

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Good teams can win ugly. Sac and Jimmer were definitely more fired up after Smart benched DMC for the 2nd half, we took their punches and came out on top. Team defense and dominating the boards got us the W here.

EBled alley oop was the highlight of my night.

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Sacramento Kings player DeMarcus Cousins suspended from team ... -suspended

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I was at the game (even got on the jumbotron). Cool to witness Clippers history.

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