This may have been our most important win of the season...

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I believe this was by far the most important win of the season for us.

The reason for this was due to us being historically terrible against

the Suns, we haven't won there since 2006 or 2007. The last time we

won in Phoenix was when we had that run with Sam Cassell & Brand.

This win was a statement win for the shift in our culture and history.

We are no longer stuck to this old stigma of failure and somehow fumbling

any chance of success we grasp on to. I keep hearing people saying that,

"The Clippers will screw it up somehow". This win proves our past is

irrelevant in terms of our PRESENT success. We must learn from the past,

we must remember our past so we can toughen up as fans and stay loyal.

But, we can forget everything else and realize we are no longer connected

to the losing culture that we've always been identified by. How awesome is it

that we get this win from the Suns on a 13 game winning streak while ending

a 6-7 year losing streak?

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i thought wins in utah and san antonio were bigger statement games

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^ me too.

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It's all part of what dkong said. Great post, dkong!!

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Just remember, most of our losses in Phoenix were against a team lead by a point guard named Nash.

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And our loses in Phoenix were not lead by a PG name CP3

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Exactly, we are a different team now.

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not to pat myself on the back, but last year i was berated for saying that team wasnt as good as others were making them out to be. they were one-dimensional and were gonna be exposed in the playoffs. i felt that the 06 squad was much better and more well-rounded as a team than last year's squad.

this year, though, were beyond legit. teams that go on 13 game winning streaks have something incredibly special.

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When you look at the context wins against teams like SA were much more meaningful. They were the team that swept us in the playoffs. This ragtag Suns team is a shell of its former self and nothing like the Suns of the old that had Nash so beating them had no real meaning because the team is totally different. Not to mention the fact that the Suns are a lottery team atm.

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