Medals for the Game Vs. Jazz (Part 1)

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Gold: Chris Paul - Even though he missed some shots in the 4th, he made them when it counted with 29 points.

Silver: Blake Griffin - Another solid 20-10 game.

Bronze: Caron Butler - Provided a nice lift and made a huge 4 point play.

==============MVP Awards===============

Pre-Season MVP

Eric Bledsoe =====================================

-------------------------Medal List------------------------------------

---------------------=Regular Season=--------------------------------

Gold Medal

  • Jamal Crawford (10-31-12)
  • Chris Paul (11-02-12)
  • Jamal Crawford (11-03-12)
  • Jamal Crawford (11-05-12)
  • DeAndre Jordan (11-07-12)
  • Jamal Crawford (11-08-12)
  • Chris Paul (11-11-12)
  • Blake Griffin (11-14-12)
  • Blake Griffin (11-17-12)
  • Chris Paul (11-19-12)
  • Matt Barnes (11-21-12)
  • Blake Griffin (11-23-12)
  • Blake Griffin (11-24-12)
  • Chris Paul (11-26-12)
  • Chris Paul (11-28-12)
  • Blake Griffin (12-01-12)
  • Blake Griffin (12-03-12)
  • Chris Paul (12-05-12)
  • Blake Griffin (12-08-12)
  • Eric Bledsoe (12-09-12)
  • Blake Griffin (12-11-12)
  • Matt Barnes (12-12-12)
  • Chris Paul (12-15-12)
  • Chris Paul (12-17-12)
  • Chris Paul (12-19-12)
  • Chris Paul (12-21-12)
  • Chris Paul (12-23-12)
  • Matt Barnes (12-25-12)
  • Matt Barnes (12-27-12)

Platinum Medal

  • DeAndre Jordan (11-08-12)
  • Caron Butler (11-26-12)


Gold Medal

  • Eric Bledsoe (10-6-12)
  • Blake Griffin (10-11-12)
  • DeAndre Jordan (10-14-12)
  • Blake Griffin (10-17-12)
  • Chris Paul (10-20-12)
  • DeAndre Jordan (10-23-12)
  • Matt Barnes (10-24-12)
  • Blake Griffin (10-25-12)

Platinum Medal

  • Eric Bledsoe (10-24-12)

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Same except I give Bronze to DJ. He was clutch down the stretch and had a good all around game.

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Gotta give the Bronze to DJ. He was just too clutch for us. Gotta give him extra props for going backboard on that super crucial freethrow. You can tell he did that on purpose.

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Cmon? No DJ?

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CP3 should get the Platinum medal. He was the catalyst of our come back and hit the big shots. After winning 15 straight and being down by 19 in the 3rd, most teams would have been "eff it, we won 15 straight." But the Clippers knew they were better than that and had a really nice comeback to keep their win streak alive on the road. 1 more game and we have an undefeated month.

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DJ over Butler although Butler was huge too.

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They are a team under pressure... And they like it. (not my quote but I love it)

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Gold : Cp3,,,played at his finest (this is the man we need to stay here)

Silver: Blake,,,crushed em

Bronze, Banes, Lamar, DJ, Caron,,,oh heck the rest of them too

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