Who Should Start at shooting Guard when Healthy

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Who Should Start at shooting Guard when Healthy?
Grant Hill who can play both ways and a great defender
 18%  [2]
Chauncey Billups the last we saw he was just a spot up 3pt shooter and a great leader
 81%  [9]
Total Votes : 11

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Grant Hill Or Chauncey Billups

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billups. he can space the floor with his excellent 3 point shot.

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Too many guys... too few minutes.

At some point, Vinny's just going to have to let the matchups decide.

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Don't mess with success. Billups in the starting lineup did wonders for us last year. Hill was brought on board primarily as a wing defender off the bench with reliable scoring ability, and since he's pushing 40 we don't expect him to punch in huge minutes.

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does anyone have any timetable for when billups may be back again?

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Billups offers us:

Elite 3 point shooting.

Elite ability to draw fouls and shoot Fts.

A secondary leader on the court.

Very good playmaking ability.

We need him for our half court offense imo so he starts.

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I believe they said he was going to start practicing with the team again this weekend or next week. I assume that means he'll be back in about a week or 2.

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I say we should keep it with Willie Green. He has been shooting better of late and it is really all we need for him. The bigger games when we need him to be a bigger threat (when CP and Blake and whoever else is neutralized or off) he needs to show up and if he doesnt Vinny should not hesitate to put in Chauncey. The interesting thing will be what we do when we have all our guys back. If Vinny coaches the way he is supposed to he really can work lineups that can do whatever it is we need to to win.

between the PG,SG and SF positions when the games are more important we can go with a Chris Paul, Chauncey and Jamal lineup to end a game with Blake and Dj up front.

When Chauncey is off replace him with Willie or with Jamal, and ideally either Caron or Matt is hot and we can use them at the SF Position.

So I mean it all depends what we need at the given time.

If a game is close and we need offense I would go with:

Chris Paul, Chauncey, Jamal, Blake and Lamar

Defense: Chris Paul, Chauncey, Matt, Blake and DJ

Regardless of what he is doing at the time offensively ... one player I feel needs to be in during all crucial stretches is Matt Barnes. Not for his shooting, but because he can get easy scores and plays great defense. If his 0 becomes a liability Caron can come in and make shots like he always does

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there are so many possibilities! I forgot to even incorporate Grant Hill ahah Embarassed

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I'm hoping Grant Hill comes back and plays spot minutes against Dallas! We're gonna need another presence against the Grizzlies, and I'd prefer it if that wasn't his warm up game.

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It's gotta be Chauncey. When he's on the court, we take care of the ball better. We move the ball on offense better. He finds a way to get to the line. Trust me, I can't wait to have him back.

A little concerned regarding Hill. I mean, he's hardly played at all for us. If anyone is gonna look lost out there, it'll be Hill. But he's a smart veteran so hopefully he'll adapt quickly.

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I agree that it must be Chauncey. Many of the above posts have made really good points why, but I have another to add. CP3 likes to have him on the floor for added leadership. As our two on-floor coaches/leaders it makes sense for them both to start. I think CP3 feels he doesn't have to shoulder the burden as much with Chauncey on the floor and that is really relaxing for him.

We also need a bit more clout for the 3 ball.

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chauncey would be my choice merely for the fact that he brings another set of eyes to see the floor along with cp3. the biggest challenge i see for this team is if vinny AND....

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Billups takes all f Green's minutes. Grant takes s0me 0f Butler's minutes.

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Billups has to start when he's healthy. No question, it's not about who's the best player. It's about chemistry. CP3 wants to play with Billups. Done deal.

IF we ever get completely healthy we should be able to use Barnes/GHill/Caron at the 4 against most teams. In those cases, this is when we'll be at our best because we'll have an entire rotation of 10-11 starters.

PG: CP3 34mins, Bled 14mins

SG: Billups 20mins, Jamal 24mins, Bled 4mins

SF: Caron 20mins, Barnes 20mins, GHill 8mins

PF: Blake 34mins, GHill 10mins, Lamar 4mins

C: DJ 28mins, Lamar 20mins

  1. CP3 34mins

  2. Blake 34mins

  3. DJ 28mins

  4. Jamal 24mins

  5. Lamar 24mins

  6. Caron 20mins

  7. Barnes 20mins

  8. BigShot 20mins

  9. Bled 18mins

  10. GHill 18mins

It's impossible to get this exact every game but we can be close to this against most teams. We'll be versatile defensively and offensively there will be mutliple legit weapons on the court at all times....Plus, of course, we'll be the freshest team in the NBA with these relatively low minutes for the whole rotation. Truly is an amazing roster. Just another huge success by VDN and company.

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I like what youv'e put together there as a base to start from. As you said it is impossible to do that every game and I also get the feeling Turiaf would gets some minutes too/

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