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Clipper D-League Pickup
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I went to the game last night I'm not even mad at the loss just because the way BG played and Grant actually creating his own shot which was a site to see but I would say the one thing we needed in this game was a floor general just to control the tempo of the game whether its CP3 or Chauncey beacause Bledsoe isn't quite there yet, he made a lot of mistakes the one that bugged me the most was his shot clock management and not being able to find the right man within that time frame which results into a ugly fg attempt by him. On a brighter note I seen Chauncey warm up before the game the dude was looking great out there! I just want to know when he's coming back because with games like this we need him

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SIGH. To the victor go the spoils. It seems even Stephen A Smith believes a healthy CP3 wouldn't have saved our team last night. This is so lame. I don't care how well Durant played in the fourth quarter, WE would have played better from the beginning with Paul leading the team. We were playing from behind pretty much the whole game (not including the early jump). We beat this team 2 out of 3 times last year. We took them to overtime at OKC when we weren't even playing our best basketball. No Chris Paul means missing 2.5 steals. Missing 16-18 points from his position. Missing 9 or more assists. Missing our pick and roll offense entirely. Missing any semblance of a floor leader. Missing our closer.

Of course the outcome might have been different with a healthy Chris Paul.

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Bledsoe sucked BAD! So yeah I think a healthy CP3 would've saved us.

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This game just proved to me again that we will beat them in a PO series. As long as we have near full strength and CP3/Blake are playing, they won't beat us 4 times.

Even last night, a couple breaks go our way and we would have won the game. They shot the ball out of their minds all night, alot of points coming on second chance 3's that just luckily bounce right to their shooters. That kind of stuff will not happen very often.

Big Shot will play a big role in these games. 17-2 runs do not happen if he's in the game. It goes to 6-0 or 8-0, he just baits some kid into fouling him and we put two FT's on the board. Momentum gone.

OKC is a real good team. Better than most of the league. But I'll take our team over theirs. They're great when everything is going their way, but when we get their backs against the wall, they'll fold just like they did against the Heat last year.

Just hope CP3 isn't out too long. And I am really hoping Billups can get on the court soon! We're running with our top 2 PG's out, this is difficult to sustain and keep winning games. Bled's alright, he just is not ready to lead the best team in the NBA all by himself.

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I was really looking forward to Vinny coaching the All Star West team... not 100% confident we can take the lead in standings against SAS now Sad Both our schedules aren't difficult but they currently have a slight edge in win %, and if both of us win the remaining 3 or 4 games until Jan 30, SAS will have a higher standing b/c they've played one extra game.

This loss put a huge dent in having 4 Clipper reps in the All Star game.

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we beat em 3 out of 4, actually.... and yeah cp3 would have made an amazing difference. how could the best PG in the game not make a difference? and it might have been a different story if bledsoe was playing great, then we could have said cp wouldn't have made a difference. but bledsoe was ALSO playing like crap. would have been 180 degree difference.

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^^^ I'm not mad at the loss last night. I knew beating OKC without CP was going to be tough. But I'm a little frustrated about it because I think we could have played better. The only guy from our team who had a really good game was Blake. Everyone else - except maybe Hill - played below their usual standard. And we still had a shot. Even though Durant went nuts in the 2nd half, I think the real turning point in the game was when we let Kevin Martin hit three 3s late in the second quarter. We had a nice lead up to that point and he just erased it. If that didn't happen, it could have been a totally different game.

Oh well. Time to take the frustrations out on PHX and Portland-twice.

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Bledsoe didn't shoot well at all.. I wonder why. He's not a bad shooter.

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Chauncey would have at least hit some 3's and get to the line

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Wow! Even ibaka is making 3's lol

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Grillinnap wrote:
Oh well, at least that phag Martin got erased by E-Bled.

big_giddy wrote:
Grillinnap wrote:
Kevin Martin looks like an Arab.


You guys need to quit the homophobic slurs- it's not acceptable here. I will be forced to ban the next time it happens. Thanks in advance....

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Kevin Martin with the flop of the year. The league should of fined him more than just 5k. ... index.html

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we have to put a system in place to defend the 3 there has to be some kind of zone to force them inside. If we make almost half of those 3's into two point shots we win

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