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I've been reading a lot of rumors that the Grizzlies may want to trade Rudy Gay or Zach Randolph, and honestly I can't help but think as to why.

I understand that Marc Gasol and Conley are probably the only two players on that team they wouldn't trade for anything or anyone. But the talks of trading either one of these 2 guys kinda boggles the mind.

First, let's talk about Z-Bo who has finally found a home in Memphis. He's playing much better as a team player, a bit of that can be attributed to the fact that Memphis isn't a crappy team. But, he made the All-Star team in 2010 with the Grizzlies and has shown to be a bigger force on both ends since his arrival there. With the recent trade of Marresse Speights, I just can't see who or what they'd trade him for. Let's not forget, Randolph is pretty much their main scoring option.

Rudy Gay's position can be filled easily. SG's and SF's in this league are a dime a dozen. However, like Randolph, Gay is one of the teams top 2 scoring options. Conley and Gasol aren't real monsters in terms of scoring. Their roles are to spread the floor, pass and get easy buckets. Both are capable of scoring,but not at the rate Gay and Randolph do.

Before I proceed, I am aware of the contracts on Memphis. Trading either one of these players for a younger player with a smaller contract may be in the best interest of the team. However, I think by doing so they would go from a top 4 seed in the West, to a 6-9 seed in the West. And the 9th seed doesn't make the playoffs.

I can't see any logical destination where there is plenty of cap available to go around and the young talent / salary to match these guys. I am not sure but I think Houston has a reasonable amount of cap space, but who would Memphis want from there? Chandler Parsons and maybe some of their other young players and a pick?

I just look at trading either of those 2, even given their current cap situation something that would hinder their team. That would be like our team trading away Blake or CP3, Crawford or DJ just to get some cap room.

Memphis may not be a clear cut favorite to reach the NBA Finals or win it, but they have a pretty damn good shot at making the semi's, and even the conference finals. And everything isn't set in stone in the NBA.

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Rudy Gay is expendable and is a low efficiency scorer. He can be replaced. I have no clue why they would even think getting rid of Zbo though.

Keep in mind the Grizzlies took the OKC to 7 games without Gay. Take out Gay and replace him with quality players and they are better. Gay is overpaid.

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I agree with your statement about Gay, when Ralph was saying that the Wiz wanted to swap Beal for him, and Lawler said no way. I was like why not, cheaper, younger, higher ceiling.

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