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votes: 7 Someone should sticky this to the top as it's getting closer to the trade deadline, and were halfway done with the season so people may be interested in what kind of salary were looking at for next season. They don't have Blake's extension in there, but add in another what, 15-18 mill a year for that. So were looking at like 46 million dollars tied up in Blake, DJ, Grant Hill, Butler, Crawford and Bledsoe. With team options for Trey and Willie Green. CP3 is likely to re-sign with us eating up almost all of the remaining cap space. I am not....

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Bledsoe still has more season after this one

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He has a qualifying offer year for next year. He's a restricted free agent and can either take that offer from us, or sign an offer sheet somewhere else that could be in the 10's of millions of dollars a year.

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Butler has been solid for us. He seems like a great guy, doesnt complain, good leader etc. That being said, he is paid too much. Not sure any other teams would want him, but moving his salary could help...

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I would like to see our top guys like CP3 do what Lebron, Wade, and Bosh did and take less money to be able to sign solid players around them. With the way the CBA tightens payroll restrictions having true max players is really a long term financial liability to the franchise.

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we need to get barnes for a few more years. add odom as well

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It kills me every time I see people claim Bledsoe is an RFA next year.

BLEDSOE IS NOT AN RFA NEXT YEAR. He's an RFA the year after.

Is it so hard to just look at his contract? HERE:

Qualifying offers are made AT THE CONCLUSION OF the fourth year. They can accept the offer or be an RFA the FOLLOWING YEAR.

As for the other guys, I think we have bird rights on Odom, so we can go over the cap for him. Barnes gets a portion of our MLE exception.

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To the OP:

Your link (hoopshype) is never updated or accurate. I stopped using that site for accuracy. Hoopsworld is a lot more accurate and is frequently updated. ... eam-salary

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butler is getting paid way too much, and between barnes and hill the small forward position is fine. if we add anyone to the roster we should bring in a young player to fill in at the 2 or 3 to prepare for the eventually aging of billups and hill

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