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OK, it was a successful effort against the Bucks. Kaman showed he does have some energy and some racing fuel in his tank. But the next two games against the Nets and then the Timberwolves are key. Both teams have similar records to the Clippers but still make a challenge to the Clippers because of KG, Vince, and the Kidd. But we do have them at home. If we win, we will be over 500 with a record of 22 - 21, and we will likely be in the 8th spot for the playoffs. Worse case scenario we would be tied with Minney for the 8th spot. That would be a good postion to be in for the second half of the season and heading into the All Star game. As many have already said, making the playoffs is one thing, moving forward is another. But establishing a winning tradition and making the playoffs is more important than lottery picks. We have our own first round pick and Minnesota's. One of them is likely to be a lottery pick. I think Minney's is protected but the time for that protection is running out. Does anybody know the exact circumstances of the Minney pick that we own the rights to? Next years draft is suppose to be deep and we could possibly trade the two picks to move up into the top tier of players and maybe get a "difference maker." And we can still do that even though we continue to win and make the playoffs. We won last year in the first round against team that many felt we couldn't beat.

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Another incentive for us to push the T'Wolves out of the playoffs Wink. I think that pick is no longer protected as of the upcoming draft.

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JamFan...I really like what you said about trading our two first rounders for a top-notch player. Whether that be a veteran or a draftee.

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Actually, Minnesota's pick is top 10 protected until the 2012 draft. That means if the Wolves fall into the lottery in the next 5 years, the Clippers only get that pick if it's number 11 or lower. So it would be nice if Minnesota remains in the playoff hunt, but doesn't make it in. That way, the Clippers would have their own pick and Minnesota's pick because it would likely fall between 11 and 15. I keep hearing different things about this draft as far as if it's a strong one or a weak one. Some say it'll be a good one and others say it's no big deal. However, two picks in the middle of the first round are pretty good.

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We can beat both teams...Minny have fired his coach recently so they would be a little shocked, more when it has been a surprising decision...and about the nets I only can say that we must destroy them inside.Brand will put big numbers but let's see what Kaman can do versus a team without any inside force

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With Minney losing last night we have already accomplished part of our goal in the we are currently tied for the 8th spot in the playoffs with Minney. Those two picks could be huge. Whether we trade both to move up in the draft or use one of them and a player to get a Ray Allen type player. The current problem we have, based on what Benoit said, is that we do not know the current value of the Minney first round pick until the end of the season. So it makes it harder to trade that pick without the receiving team knowing in advance exactly what they are going to get. Our own pick also has an undetemined value because it is unclear whether or not it will be a lottery pick based on where the Clippers finish. But when trying to secure a great shooter, sending one of those picks to a team trying to rebuild (Seattle?) could help us get the deal done.

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Where are you guys getting all this stuff about trading for Ray Allen? Is there any evidence that he is even on the table?

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There are rumors out there. There is "sportwriter speculation." This all mostly revolves around the fact that Seattle is done as a team this season, the team is for sale, or moving to another city, or.........well everybody agrees they are having their usual money crunch. They have the lowest income of any team in the NBA. So the speculation is they might move one of their highest paid players for the right deal. Rashard Lewis is injured and presumably can't be traded. Other rumors revolve around Chris Wilcox, Danny Fortson, and others. But the Seattle management team does not talk much, so it is hard to know exactly what they are thinking.

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