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Gotta admit, I'm scared. They are good and they seem to be more consistent than we are. Saw some highlights from tonight, great ball movement. If we were just consistent, I'd say we were better, no question. Other than cp3 and blake, what dose really do better an they do? I'm not being snarky, I'm genuinely curious what people think. Plus, I want to be reassured, haha.

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im not. it just means we can play hack a bogut just like jackson likes to play hack a jordan. i mean, bogut is a great defender. solid passer. but he has a limited offensive game, and hes very fragile. but no question it will be a tough matchup, but i still think we can pull it off versus them

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Yes, I wouldn't get too worried, I have a friend who is unfortunately a GSW fan and he's been talking smack all season how Lee is better than Griffin and how oh just wait til Bogut plays, saying he was a top 5 center in the league. Then, I looked at his career numbers, solid but not awe inspiring. To give GSW some credit, they are the Clipper's of last year tough match up for anyone and perhaps deeper than Clips last year, but they have a lot of very fragile players starting with their two key players. How many games have these guys missed year after year. And as far as consistency, I don't see that they are any more consistent than the Clips, they still will live and die by the 3. They are very much up and down, with more up, just like the Clips. Previous to last night they lost back to back at Chi and Mil, and one game does not a team make. Again, I'll stand by my predictions, Denver VS GSW in round one, and I don't think GSW matches up as well against them. It will be an awesome series though.

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Don't think this year is their year but next year I could see them as a contender.If they can get Rush back healthy and keep Curry and Bogut healthy than you have to be worried about them.They are already playing great and with the talent they have they are only going to get better over time.Mark Jackson looks like a solid coach and they all seem to really like playing together.But the thing I don't like about them and the Warriors and the Knicks is that they live and die by the 3.In the playoffs I think they are going to struggle a lot if they can't hit those 3's consistently.Regular season defense and playoff defense is a lot different and they are going to be playing teams who are going to do everything they can to keep them from shooting those 3's.

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I think a fully healthy GSW squad is about as good as the Clips were last year, very comparable levels of talent but clearly a few small roster moves short of being in the league top 5 discussion. They are also noticeably lacking veteran leadership with postseason success, won't hurt their regular season but will clearly be an issue in trying to get past the 2nd round.

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Cleveland letting us down...he gsw shooters seem to be on a hot streak that will never end

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Bogut would help the Warriors a lot defensively. I am not too worried though Bogut won't stay healthy and even if he does he won't be as good as he was in the past for a while.

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Stephen Curry injured his glass ankles again. So unless these guys stay healthy, I'm not scared at all.

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Like the other posters already said, I can totally see the similarities and they are entertaining to watch except when they play us. It's definitely going to be a great battle should these teams meet in playoffs. Maybe more so than Memphis due to the whole Socal Norcal thing.

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There on a a 5 game slide at the mo.

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