Rudy Gay traded to Raptors (P. 2)

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i guess i was right that gay would make toronto better. smh. against us nonetheless

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This is a talent-driven league. Any time you lose your number one option on offense, your team will get hurt no matter how much you want to deny it.

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^ but even then, we played like s***. no excuses. but yeah i still think gay makes the raptors better. i think every team involved in the trade got better

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I think the folks who designed the CBA would say that the Gay trade was an indication that it is working, because a team made an economic decision to downgrade its talent, spread it out to a league "have not" but still be a viable/ entertaining team itself.

But then you look at the Lakers. Massive tv contract allows them to buy and retain whatever talent they want (insert snide comment about talent quality and result here). I dont see how you achieve the goals of the CBA until teams have to fully revenue share as well.

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Doesn't matter if you have a well coached team. The Spurs competed with the Heat with just their B squad. We don't have the shooters that the Spurs have but we certainly should be able to score effectively against the Raptors if we actually drew up some plays and ran a good offensive system....

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