Remember this injury report for Billups?

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We are all talking about our training staff anyways so check this out. What was supposed to be two weeks out for Billups has now been more than two months. Clippers staff milked it to the point to where it's caused the team to give up SERIOUS ground in the standings.

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Maybe because one week is equivalent to one month for them.

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Exactly what I have been harping about for weeks,,they are like reverse dog years. Day to day mean week to week,,,week to week means month to month. Month to month means career ending injury (until they go to another team to become a star)

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The NFL Players' Union has started pressuring the Chargers to fire their incompetent team doctor - WHERE is the NBA players' union to do the same for us? This is inexcusable.

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Also remembered this one from the LA Times in Oct 2012:

He said all the talk about him returning from his injury in January or February was all media driven, and not anything the Clippers' doctors told him.

"My plan was just as soon as possible, as soon as I felt good," Billups said. "Obviously it's like a nine- to 12-month recovery and rehab period when you're supposed to return to play." ... i-20121002

So looks like he's on target to return soon. wink

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^ Be great if he could play tomorrow in Orlando, even if it's limited minutes, and let Bled and Jamal play together again. Full circle from last year's injury. Kinda poetic.

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I would think just for the reason that he originally got injured at orlando last season, we won't play tomorrow... you know how athletes are lol. I think paul, billups, and griffin return for the Miami game.

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he may return @ new york this sunday according to eric pincus via email. Smile

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I wouldnt be surprsied it was like this when we went on a losing streak. He may have been fine but was just sitting out extra as a precaution. Now with the way we have been tanking games im sure he is ready to come into the lineup. But if we were winning im sure he would still be staying put on that bench

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theres no exact science to predicting the length of time it'll take someone to heal. it's a training staff, not a team of magicians.

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Exactly. You can only do so much as a trainer or physician.

What if, while getting treatment for their injuries, the training staff found that their have created deviations from the normal movement pattern because of the injury and they wanted them to do some corrective exercises to fix the imbalance(s) to prevent other injuries from occuring?

It's easy to assume that they're not doing their jobs by reading a report and seeing that they're not coming back as soon as the media reported. Simply put, nobody outside of the Clippers staff really knows what obstacles are getting in the way of them giving the players the "okay" from getting back on the court.

As many training staffs that Chauncey Billups has encountered, if this staff was really that bad, I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted to re-sign with us. He and Chris Paul said our staff is top notch. If the Suns training staff co-signs ours, I am fully confident in their abilities. The Suns training staff doesn't do magic, but, they are very stringent. They are always assessing players' movement to look for areas of weakness to prevent injuries. It's advanced basics.

As important as home court advantage is throughout the playoffs, I'd rather have a team that is as close to 100% health as possible for the playoff run. I'd say take their time coming back as long as they're adhering to their rehabilitation program while doing light work like free throws, and eating right so they're not far away from being in game shape.

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