Why is Clipper Darrell Hated/disliked?

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I am a long time fan and STH for a few years. I am aware of his history/drama with the Clippers organization but what I don't understand is why he is disliked around here by members. Maybe I missed something and just curious to know why.

I was at the Lakers home game vs our Clips last night and shortly after getting to my seats I see Clipper Darrell walking past the row in row in front of me. I stopped him to say what's up as he takes his seat a few seat to my left.

Let me tell you guys, from the minute he got there he did not waste anytime in letting the fakers fans know Clippers Nation was there to represent. As the game got started and we started to drop 3's over the Lakers he would get up and celebrate as he does a full spin slowly and heckle ALL the Laker fans around us. He did ruffle a lot feathers out there as some Lakers ghetto fans (I know shocking) tried to talk crap to him but it didn't faze Darrell as he stood his ground with those fans and continued to heckle. He also did his famous "Let's Go Clippers Let's Go" every time the Lakers where shooting free throws. To make this more interesting was that there were several lakers fans wanting to take a picture with him throughout the game.

After seating next him at a Laker home game I have a new respect for him as a fan.

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It's the BS he pulled with the crying and free tickets and all that stuff, where he went from fan to professional fan, without ever having an agreement with the Clippers on the professional part.

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Yeah, last year's drama was too much, but in general, I like the guy. He reps the team hard and seemed like a nice guy when I met him after a game once.

I think sometimes people take issue w/ the fact that he's often singled out as the "only real Clippers fan" when there are many more Clips fans that have been rooting for the team and attending games far before CD decided to sew those two suits together. But that's more of a problem w/ public perception then CD's fault.

Anyways, what's more amazing is the strong presence of Clips fans during yesterday's game! Props to you and CD for repping Clipper nation there. MVP chants for CP3 on the Lakers home court!? That's gotta be the first time in history.

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^ I 2nd that OhMeOhMy!

I can understand why some people don't like him but at the end of the day the guy roots for the same team that I love and he gives our crowd a little more energy. Sure he makes a little profit off being 'Clipper Darrell' but hey good for him! Keep it up CD and give those Faker fans hell!

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Didn't like the fact that he met with Cuban with the possibility of becoming "Mavs Darrell" or whatever.

Word is, he only turned it down because Cuban wasn't offering big bucks. Self-promoting gold-digger.

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I was at the game last night, it was great when I heard his voice and all the Laker fans started to boo him. It bought a smile to my face to see and hear our presence in the belly of the beast.

I think the backlash began last season when his misuse of social media to create drama backfired. It was a perfect example of "when keeping it real goes wrong", I am sure he wishes he could take that tweet back.

But overall none of us can claim he is not a real long time fan, back in the day when I worked for KCOP-13 when they had the Clipper broadcast rights, he was at every game at the Sports Arena doing his thing with a passion.

But if you notice they never cut to him anymore on the big screen as he dances in sync with the Clipper Spirit, payback is a bitch when you bite the hand that feeds you.

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i dont really have an issue with him but people tend to dislike the "me me me" aspect of his fanmanship.

i used to be up in the air about him, but im now all for CD or any superfan. if you're upset that he's getting so much attention, maybe you're taking this fan thing a bit too seriously. maybe you're struggling with the "me me me" fan mentality.

let the man cheer.

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This. I liked the guy before that too. But look, there are many of us here that are fans (and STH) for as long as he has, a couple even longer. We are fans,,not professional fans.

We yell, we cheer, we get on our feet. We wear colors, we wear gear,,,but we don't push ourselves onto the media as the greatest fan of all time of any sport,,,we don't ask for pay by being fans (although they do owe us for some crappy years!) and we don't whine we we can't get our ways.

I used to sell tickets on EbAy and my store was called Clipper Nation Tickets. I used the name before CLipper Nation was ever in type (I stole it form Raider Nation of which I am a 40+ year fan). When I saw the team was going to use that name,,I dropped my store instead of going toe to toe with them. Clipper Daryl wouldn't let go when they told him to stop making money on the team,,he cried louder and that is what did it for most of us.

Yeah he is a nice guy and his role now is just fine.

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The guy is a massive fan, like many of us. If I had tons of extra money laying around maybe I'd paint my driveway and a car in Clipper colors as well. The guy can get pretty annoying from what I hear at games and all that garbage last year about wanting free tickets was ridiculous. How is Clipper Darrell a bigger Clipper fan than you or I?

Personally I think now that the team is doing well, we don't need someone like him at games anymore and it's becoming more of a distraction to people.

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He's larger than life and when you've got a mouth like a megaphone you're bound to annoy. I'm just happy he's shouting for our Clippers! Great to see his rise from dancing fool on jumbotron to certifiable super fan. And it wasn't overnight. Over a decade in the making. He deserves the love and is a cool enough guy to shake off the Haters. I wonder if he watches the "dancin Homer" episode of the Simpsons and tears up?

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For me, back when I used Facebook and 'liked' his page and the lac fan page, there was endless self promotion out of both pages (he runs the fan page). Just annoying. Shameless self promotion using the team's name without permission. At the end of the day, I don't watch ball so a fan can try to sell me on things, I watch because I enjoy basketball

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Of course there are some likes and dislikes about Clipper Darrell. The one thing I really like about Clipper Darrell is that he is marry to the Clippers from thick or thin, health or sickness. He's one of the most influential and most commitment Clipper fan. Despite that some people here was a fan longer than Clipper Darrell, Clipper Darrell show more compassionate and pump up the crowd when nobody want to. We should glad he's a Clippers fan because without him, our losing seasons would be so dead quiet. Props for Darrell.

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i have no problems with clipper darrell. the guy stuck with the clippers through it all. a friend of mine's dad had season tickets when i was in 6-8th grade and I would go with to about 3 games a year and clipper darrell was always there, and this was when the clippers were TERRIBLE.

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a real fan doesnt even consider rooting for another team. that in itself takes away the super fan moniker. i used to like CD, but after that, its hard not to question his fandom. just cuz u have extra money to paint your car the clips colors and gets free tix to the clips games, doesnt mean you rep the clips more than fans who have rooted for the clippers for more years than clipper darrell.

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The best moment was when he started a chant with like 2 minutes left and the remaining Laker fans just gave up and let it grow.

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Gotta love Clipper Darrell

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