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Hey guys I'm a Lakers fan and check this website from time to time. Don't worry I'm not a troll i just like some of the topics you guys talk about and would be glad to join them if that's alright with you guys. I thought i would take a second to explain myself. Well first, i am not one of those stupid laker fans who go on trade machine and put in Devin Ebanks and Steve Blake for a player like Andre Igoudala and expect it to be a fair trade. Those type of fans for any team, whether it is the lakers or clippers or heat, etc, just irritate me. Just thought you guys should know I wont be on this website saying stupid things. Now I wont lie and say that Im a clipper fan. Quite honestly I dislike the clippers. I hope none of you take offense to this but the ONLY reason why i dont like the clippers is because the fans think that the clippers completely took over Los Angeles. I wont assume all of you do because i understand 1 of you doesnt speak for the rest of you but i am sure most of you feel this way. Yes i understand that my dear Lakers are very pathetic this year and you guys are playing great but to say that you guys own Los Angeles now is pretty far fetched and im sure most of you can agree to this. One example of this would be that announcer saying that Eric Bledsoe is from the Lakers. When you say " The Los Angeles", Lakers is what you think of right after which is why it is hard to take over this town. With that said, ive told many Laker fans on lakers top buzz that the clippers own los angeles THIS SEASON. Us lakers clearly didnt leave up to expectations, whether it being because of injuries, too many egos, wrong coaches, dumbass Jim Buss, etc, we didnt live up to it and you guys did which is why this is your town for this season. Now I am not saying that this will be your town for only one season for the rest of the existance of the clippers franchise. Im just saying that just because the Lakers are awful this year doesnt mean the lakers will be a lottery team for the next 30 years, they always come back into the picture. What I am saying, i mean with the upmost respect so I hope no one thinks i am saying it in a hatred way. I hope you guys accept me hear and recognize me as a decent laker fan. If it helps you guys, I can tell you whether or not some trades help you out or dont help you out. For example, that Kevin Garnett trade scares me as a Laker Fan lol.

Sorry again if most of that paragraph was me talking about me not liking the clippers and how I feel that Los Angeles will always be a Lakers Town but i just wanted to be honest and show you my feelings on the idea. Really looking forward to having some nice conversations with you guys:]

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