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INSIDER:Seven Trades That Should Happen

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I am only posting trade number one,,as that is us. Let me know if we even care what others do.

  1. Eric Bledsoe to the Jazz

Utah Jazz receive: Eric Bledsoe, Caron Butler and Ronny Turiaf. Los Angeles Clippers receive: Paul Millsap and Alec Burks. The deal in Trade Machine.

The Utah Jazz have one of those "good problems" on their hands: They have too many starter-quality big men on their roster. This puts them in a very desirable position at the trade deadline because they possess a surplus that can be used to fill a need (backcourt help).

Enter Eric Bledsoe. The rumored swap (detailed in-depth here by our own Bradford Doolittle) makes sense on almost every level for the Jazz. They net a potential star in Bledsoe while giving up Millsap, who may be nothing more than a temporary placeholder for Derrick Favors or Enes Kanter in Utah's frontcourt. Bledsoe is averaging 15.9 points, 5.5 assists and 5.2 rebounds every 36 minutes this season, and Utah would have every reason to give him that kind of playing time.

As for the Clippers? Millsap would help raise the team's 21st ranking in defensive rebounding rate and give them some much-needed scoring punch down low. Lamar Odom was supposed to be that guy, but he's scored double digits just once this season. The Clippers could go big and slot the 6-8 Millsap at the 3, which would give them one of the league's most formidable frontcourts. Would it guarantee a better shot at the title? It's certainly a safer bet than Odom's becoming a reliable NBA player again.

http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/story/_/ ... des-happen

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Much needed scoring punch down low? That's not our problem. We need to defend the 3 point line and Millsap isn't going to help there. Bledsoe is a really good perimeter defender and trading him away would only add to the problem. Our team is full of shooters and we use them effectively. If we wanted to score more in the paint, we would look to give our current post players more opportunities. Who really believes that we're going to give Millsap those opportunities? I don't see it. If anything, we would want him to get garbage points. This is not a good trade for us IMO.

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I'd rather trade for Derrick Favors

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i feel like all these sports analyst want the clippers to make any possible trade in hopes that its breaks up team chemistry and hurts the team.

"Millsap, who may be nothing more than a temporary placeholder for Derrick Favors " why would we give up a potential star for a place holder?! and this sounds like a good trade for the clippers?! please don't contradict yourself in one article! Tom Haberstroh

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very strange trade imo..

keep bledsoe.. and just trade him after we resign him.. or get a 3 that can space the floor if were gonna trade for a 3.

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A lot of these journalists just need to fill up their word quotas.

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I totally agree with @phaded... it's all well and good to talk about the small gains that we might make with Millsap on the roster, but there seems to be no thought in this article of what we might lose with Bled NOT being on the roster.

@CP3.VI... I don't think it's so much that they want to hurt the team. More like they just want trades - ANY trades - to go down so they have something new to talk about, whether it hurts us OR puts us over the top. How are they going to feed their insatiable desire for 'clicks' with a story about the Clips standing pat?

Bottom line... I'm not sold on this trade, either. Utah are in a much more precarious position than us... we're GOING to the playoffs, they MAY BE going to the playoffs. I say we use that leverage to fleece some team out of more than they would usually give for Bled, or just roll with the current crew.

This is a seller's market... they need us way more than we need them.

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Yikes, more trade porn.

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Another stupid article on stupid trades that don't make sense. We don't need Millsap. He does not even fulfill our needs at all. Not worth risking our chemistry for something that will help us marginally at best not to mention has a lot more value than Millsap.

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Makes you wonder, doesn't it. Journalism seems so easy when all you have to do is make up stuff.

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