Derek Fisher Signs with the Thunder

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I have a feeling he won't have much of an effect on this team anyway, but what's everyone's thoughts? We all know Odom did something similar when he left the Mavs mid-season last year, but "F" it, I've never really liked Fisher. He seems like a decent guy off the court but I think he's a dirty on court. At least Odom waited a season before going to another team, even though I'm not sure that's any better, haha.

Anyway, I'm sure those Mavs' fans are fed up with ex-Lakers abandoning them half way through a season. Oh well, they just won a ring recently.

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Derek Fisher is a joke. The way he's exploited his family in order to weasel out of contracts is despicable, especially considering how poorly that reflects on the Players' Union, who gave him a leadership role. He's also the most shameless frontrunner in the league, screwing over Utah and Dallas the minute easier ring-whoring opportunities opened up in LA and OKC. That bum and the classless flopping Thunder with their team-stealing owner deserve each other.

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^ Is that you, Billy Hunter?

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