Securing Clippers Playoff Tickets for 2013

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Hi guys- do you know of the best methods to secure Clipper playoff tickets for a fellow CTB member who will be flying in from another country? The regular season Clipper games have been sold out obviously. But he (long time member Miquel) would like know what are the best ways to buy playoff tickets in advance. I don't think they are available for sale yet, but I could be wrong and I wanted to see what is the protocol for playoff tickets, etc. I'm sure that season ticket holders get first crack at the PO tickets.

Thanks guys!

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Isn't he from Spain? Well season ticket holders will have a special presale if they want more tickets

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^^Yup- he just doesn't want to fly to LA and then find out he can't go to any of the playoff games because they're sold out. But yeah ultimately it's going to come down to how much he is willing to pay I think.

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Exactly. I will buy the flight tickets soon to get them cheaper and I wouldn't like to fly over LA and not having the chance to see our team. LA must be nice but definetely the only reason I take a 12 hours flight from Barcelona is seeing the Clippers at the Staples in a PO game.

Please, if you tell me some season ticket holders who could be able to help me in order to secure PO tickets I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance.

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hey Miquel, Are you are coming in mid to late April for the 1st round? Any interest in sections 116 or 215? I can hook you up but I think there will be plenty of ways to get tickets though (stub and ebay).

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