Should Clippers Tighten the Rotation or Stay Pat

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This is probably one of those major questions for us fans and everyone else wonder what are we going to do with our rotation during playoff times. I understand that we are very deep, 11-deep, but come playoff time, should we should tighten our rotation to 7 or 8 man instead. I know one of our biggest advantage in this league is depth and we can send them waves of attack, however with playoff transition to half court game would it be more suitable to play less guys that are suitable to half court game.

Obviously we got our starting 5,

Chris Paul

Chauncey Billups

Caron Butler

Blake Griffin

Deandre Jordan

The tricky part would be the bench on who is to come in and who to come out.

Of course,

Jamal Crawford would be out there

Eric Bledsoe

Lamar Odom

and either Matt Barnes / Grant Hill

And we may not play Willie Green, Ronny Turiaf, and Ryan Hollins unless one of our players got into foul trouble.

So question to you Clippers fan, would it be beneficial to stay where we are or tighten our rotation to a 8 man rotation. I would like to hear your opinions.

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I think it will be a 9 man rotation come PO time.

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Its funny that you mention an 8 man rotation and then say that of course at least 4 bench guys will get in. that makes 9 "of courses". Thats the problem, we have too many good people to sit that all offer different things. Stay pat. Play our game like we saw SAS do in the playoffs against us last year. Just do your thing and make the other team adust

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What I was listing was basically our bench players. Giving us options such as Jamal, EB, LO, MB, and GH. If you were up to the coach, what would you do?

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It will definitely depend on the match ups, and even more so how particular guys play down this final stretch of games. Turiaf, Hollins and Green are most likely out for the most part. I expect Hill to see a lot of pine time unless he becomes more of an outside threat or Matt gets into foul trouble.

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Agreed. It depends on matchups. I think a 9 man rotation would be good. I think EB, JCrossover, Barnes, Odom deserve consistent minutes every game. Caron can't play heavy minutes and he is a streaky shooter.

Hill/Turiaf/Hollins will play if there's foul trouble and depending on the matchup. Hill will play more against teams that play small.

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In the playoffs I would prefer Hill to start some games just to mess with opposing coaches and Hill can defend better than any wing player we have.

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I wish we had a morenconsistent backup big they could make free throws

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i'd like to know the true answer as to what has cost us more games.... our bigs missing free throws or our lack of interior D....

think the half court offense is an issue, but what is costing us games is our defense, case in point Russell Westbrook against CP3....

far as rotation goes, also wish I had the true answer as to Lamar's value vs. playing more DJ.... definitely think that EB needs to see more of CP3s minutes come playoff time, and that the answer to our half court offense is movement, same as it is on D.... if we slow things down, we are in trouble.... really question Lamar's defensive value/contribution as compared to DJ....

we need to be active on O & D if we're gonna be anything in the playoffs, which for me means Barnes and Bledsoe, and.... DeAndre.

also think Turiaf is going to be valuable come playoff time as well.

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Although I don't really wanna see Hollins or Turiaf get many minutes unless the other bigs are in foul trouble. I'd like to see Blake get 36 minutes, DJ 30 minutes, Odom 30 minutes. That's it, a 3 man rotation at the 4/5 (unless we go small with Barnes/Hill/Butler at the 4).

Considering the fact that Chauncey is making 4 million dollars this year and has only played a handful of games, I'm a little disappointed. Granted, he's coming off a major injury and is 36, but we could have re-signed Foye (someone who can actually play games and not be an "assistant coach"). Anyways, hopefully Chauncey will be a weapon come playoff time with his experience. Although I REALLY wanna see Bledsoe get more minutes, especially alongside Paul. Hopefully Vinny will find the right balance.

Butler has been much more consistent in 2013 and Barnes has been rock solid off the bench. Don't think either of them should lose any minutes, but Hill should be in the game if we need someone to guard Kobe or Durant.

As for the halfcourt offense. LAbreakers is right. Ball movement! I'm not a fan of Paul/Griffin/Odom playing hot potato with the ball (afraid to hurt their stats? Very Happy ).

Can't wait for the playoffs though! Time to get some revenge against OKC and the Spurs (cause it looks like the warriors might not even make the playoffs lol )

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