3 Things We Need to Become a True Title Contender

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Clipper 6th Man
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  1. We need to get 100% better on defending the 3 pt shot...It seems like no matter who we play we get tourched time and time again. Thats gonna be our demize this year in the playoffs if we cant shore that up right away and i dont think we can

2.We need a shooting specialist at the 2 or 3 position. Meaning someone like a JJ Redick,or Kyle Korver type who can consistantly drain the open jumpshot off the pick and rolls. We have been struggling really bad in the half court and its because we dont have consistant shooters around cp3. Think about it. Butler is very inconsistant,hill isnt a shooter,barnes is inconsistant and so is green,bledsoe isnt a shooter and billups been banged up. Sad to say but crawford has been our most consistant outside shooter and thats something he hasnt really been known for. If we had that one guy that would make teams pay for leaving them open our offense would run so much better.

3.We need a pick and pop big that can also rebound the ball. Lets think about this for a sec. We do not have a single big on our team who can shoot a consistant 15 ft shot. We thought Odom would be that guy but his offense is not there this yr. DJ,Hollins and Turiaf can not shoot a lick and blake is improving on his shot but still needs work...We either need to move DJ for a big that can pick and pop as a starter or we need a guy to replace odom off the bench who can play that roll and we can put in the lineup late in the game alongside blake to stretch the floor..What i mean by a pick and pop big who can reb is someone like a david west,maurese speights,chris kaman,troy murphy,dante cunningham,darrell aurthur guys as simple as them would help our spacing and u would have to truly pick ur poision against the pick and roll. Cp3 plays much better when he has those type of players around. Look at his Hornets team that had the 2nd best record in the west some yrs back and took the mighty spurs 7 games..that team was assembled perfectly for cp3 and the pick and roll game..the only problem that team had was lack of depth off there bench..janero pargo was there only sparkplug...but there starting five was cp3 then they had a good shooter in mo peterson on one wing, peja who is one of the best shooters of all time on the other wing, david west the 17 foot assassin and pick and pop guy and tyson chandler who was the pick and roll guy and the 1st receipiant of Lob city or what they called the CCC(cressant city connection).. Just my viewpoint We have too many similar guys on this team and we need better defense and some shooters to open our half court offense. At this point if we cant get out and run i cant see us beating any of the elite teams in the playoffs. I hope im wrong but thats what im seeing

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And a coach that has real experience and a good system

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its not 3 things.. its 3 words


Clipper 6th Man
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Thats the most important of the 3 things but we definately need the other 2 things in order to compete for the title. A better coach wouldnt hurt either

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1, Get the refs to give us OKC or LAL or MIA love

2 Learn to play defense. Defense wins championships,,DEFEND THE DAMN 3

3 Don't believe your hype, believe what you see and what you see right now is not a very good playoff team.

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  1. See Ron's post above.

  2. Starting quality wing player.

  3. Backup big man who's enough of a threat to score that they can't load up on Jamal.

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dom1, number 2 on your list would have been great. hopefully the clips go after reddick, korver hard in the offseason. hell use our first rd pick to draft the kid from creighton mcdermott. the guy can shoot lights out.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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Another thing i noticed and would like to add on to defending the three is defending the pick and roll. I noticed that it's horrible. It's probably what opens up all of those threes along with open lay-ups. It seems like the big man and guard tries to attack the player with the ball and that leaves two of our guys in no mans land when he makes a pass. Then everyone tries to pick up on somebody which leaves an easy bucket for the opposing team. And i've seen this multiple times. not just once or twice.

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Part of the 3PT defense is poor defensive communication. Guys get lost too often and don't know where they are supposed to be, or they are practicing poor defensive fundamentals such as sagging off shooters and being sucked into the lane when they shouldn't be. Sometimes the effort is there, but misplaced defensive effort on defense just equals frustration.

In terms of 3PT shooters, instead of guys like Korver (who is getting older and not much of a defender) or Reddick (who will make a decent amount and can't adequately defend SG's because of his lack of length). A guy like Martell Webster would be a good player to go after as he can do similar things to them. Washington probably wants to keep him now though with how he's played for them and opened up the floor for Wall. A guy that can shoot coming off screens and therefore attract attention would help, but isn't as critical as three point defense and the ability to stretch the floor with a big.

Stretch big has been needed for a while, but the problem is that with Blake being a PF, the need is a stretch big that can at least adequately play C, and that is much harder to find than a stretch PF. A stretch PF is okay, but you don't want to be playing two small PF's (Blake + the other guy) on defense. The options are not as plentiful in the stretch C role. It is also true that a big man that can score would be helpful so that when the bench is in, it isn't iso Crawford time unless they get out in the open court. A guy like DeJuan Blair would be nice, but again, he will need to play more than just those minutes and you'll have to put him on with Blake.

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