What about Building Around Al Thorntom?

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What about if the clippers started from scratch and built around Al Thornton and moved up and grabed O.J Mayo?

That's just a thoght if bot Brand and Maggette leave and sign free agent Josh Smith. Send brand to golden state for 14th pick and Baron Davies.

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Er- no- the team is a playoff team if everyone comes back- why rebuild???

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How about trading Brand to Maimi. That would be attractive to them and to get salary cap we could get some very good players. Brand and the #7 pick - Bayless FOR the #2 - Beasley, Udonis Haslem, Ricky Davis & Jason Williams?

Resulting Lineups

Maimi: Banks/Bayless, Wade, Marion, Brand, Blount

Clips: J. Williams, Maggette, Thornton, Beasley, Kamen

bench: Livvy, Mobley, R. Davis, Haslem, Thomas

If Livvy gets healthy, this is a very good core for a long time to come.

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^^I don't know about that one- why do we want to trade EB, a proven top Power Forward in the NBA, for an unproven rookie in Beasley. Granted that he's most likely gonna be a very good player, but you never know. Also I don't like how the Clippers would have to take on all these contracts from Miami in this trade.

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I agree, Jason Williams is just about done, and Ricky Davis is a problem case. We'd be relieving Miami of way too many problems. Haslem's a good asset though.

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We need Elton Brand he is our hourse we need to get rid of Thomas and Mobley and Dickau. We should've kept Radmonovic and not sign Thomas he's inconsistent. If we had Iverson or Artest we would've competed for the playoffs they're two missing pieces that we need to our roster.

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