We Rule and I Can't Wait to Destroy People in the Playoffs

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I must be drunk. I am, hell I'll admit it. But do you folks want to see some sweet facts of why were going to ball our a$$es off in the playoffs and really make a bigger splash this year than last?

Let's take a look at a few things:

1 - CP3 and BG32 are the ONLY 2 people on our team playing over 30 MPG, 33.2 for CP3 and 32.4 for BG. CP3 is putting up 9.6AST a game and 16.6 PPG and about 2.5 steals a night in his playing time on the court. Before the season began he was averaging over 37 MPG. He's averaging his career avg in steals, 0.2 assists less a game, 2 points less a game, shooting a better FG% and FT%. Let's also note that BG is averaging almost a steal and a half a game, 18.5 pts, shooting better at the line and is playing better solid ball. Oh btw - almost 4 assists a night for a POWER FORWARD PLAYING 32MPG

2 - Grant Hill and Chauncey Billups, in all reality ( at least Hill ) could have played during game 1. The genius trainers we have and coaches, who aren't given much credit held them out to make sure they were 110% and then some. Billups is a former finals MVP and would most likely start on most NBA teams or be the 6th man. His numbers are low this year, but given the fact that our bench is massively deep, we don't need him for 28-32MPG a night. Hill must have found an old Spanish map and found the fountain of youth. This guys career looked over in 2001, yet he is Mr. Durability the last 5-6 years and is a lock down defender.

3 - Best bench in the entire league. Considering our bench single handily won us the series against Memphis last year and was WEAKER than this years bench, we should all be pretty confident going into the playoffs. We can't go to an 8 man rotation because we have 9-10 guys that are good enough to play at least 12 MPG in the playoffs and that's cutting it to the bare min. With Hill, Odom, Bledsoe, Barnes and Crawford on the bench, that's a team right there that could win 30+ games as starters even if they are undersized in a regular season. We've got 2 disposable big men in Turiaf and Hollins that we will use in big lineups and to foul, and those guys aren't slouches. Hell, Turiaf came from a championship team and is a defensive C who is undersized but plays like a bulldog that's cornered.

Also, we have Willie Green. Green is now overlooked. He may be crappy, but he's an option. And he's a player like any other that will help spread the D and can hit open jumpers if need be. So basically, we'll be rocking out a 12-13 man roster in the playoffs.

4 - We have Eric Bledsoe and you don't. Bledsoe may not ever turn into an MVP or All Star PG, but he could easily net 14-17 PPG, 5-8 AST, 4-7 REB, 2-3 STl and 1 BLk a game for a PG if he started. These aren't fictional numbers, these are per 36 min averages with slight inflations only in the assists department if he started somewhere at PG. Bledsoe to me, is a playoff PG. He will thrive the most in the playoffs, as he showed last year. Not only is he a sensational defender, one of, if not the fastest players in the league but he's a game changer off the bench in the playoffs that can give and will give an entire team fits when he's on the court. With guidance and help from Chauncey, Crawford, CP3 and VDN, he knows his role in the playoffs and he will win at least 1-2 games if we play at least 10 by himself.

5 - The bench has underperformed. Grant Hill was a rookie of the year. Odom should have been rookie of the year. Barnes should be starting. Crawford should be starting. Bledsoe should be starting. Hill may be old, but he left a starting spot in PHX to come here. Old as he is, he could probably post solid numbers. Odom has been in a funk the last couple of seasons but given minutes and a better attitude and a 14-8-3 line isn't out of the question. Barnes is playing like he wants 10 million dollars a year and is playing backup minutes to a guy that is purely 1 dimensional now.

Bledsoe could have been dealt to a dozen teams and could start on a dozen NBA teams or turn into a 6th man playing 25-32MPG easily. Crawford is a starter but is playing off the bench, and he helped ATL in their playoff runs a few years back. He may look 1 dimensional, but he's not a terrible passer and can do more than run the clock out, isolate, crossover and toss up a jumper. There's a reason why he got 4-5 assists a game for the majority of his career.

Am I guaranteeing a championship? NO. I think at the very least we'll make it to round 2 and play 6 games at the least. Which, is better than last year and 1 less game than the team has ever gotten in league history. Our 2 best players aren't playing many minutes, and although their averages are affecting career numbers, people may look back on this Clipper team and praise the coaching staff for their ability to keep these guys fresh for the majority of the year even if we don't finish as the top team in the West of the NBA.

I don't think VDN is the best coach, or even a top 8 coach. But he's getting things done. I think the goal of this team is to remain at the top of the division and stay in the hunt for the best record in the West, which is what we've done the last couple years and what I expect. Teams need to stay healthy to win, and need to get all players on the court to boost morale, which is what we've done. When the bench players minutes get cut in the playoffs, and everyone is looked upon to tighten up on their overall play, we'll be ready.

Other teams won't. Other teams that rely heavily on their best players to play giant minutes will see their players massively fatigued, or get injured. We won't have that problem, and if someone goes down an All Star, Hall of Famer or Award Winner can step in their place. Not many teams can say that, and not many teams can say that if one of their big minute guys goes down, one of those past All Stars etc that needs to step up will have the chemistry and fatigue to play big minutes like our boys.

We are the deadliest team in the West regardless of record. We have nothing to prove, but the most glory to gain. But our boys won't cry about it like Kobe or D Wade. We win we win, we lose we lose. We aren't calling people out, were figuring out ways to get better and were keeping it to ourselves.

We could have CP3 play a horrible game, but Crawford could come in and net 35 points for us. Whose going to do that on Miami? Rashard Lewis? Maybe 5 years ago. Whose going to do that on OKC? Sefolosha? In his dreams. How about the Knicks? J.R. Smith is a ballhog and unless he's shooting 80% from the floor they are toast.

We may not go far but were a better and more complete team than any team in the NBA.

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I appreciate the time and thought that went into your post... and DAMN, it was a long post! (but I read it all).

I disagree on a few points... namely Hill and Odom, but I hope I'm wrong and you're right!

The thing is, we've got one guy who we know improves by at least 100% come playoff time... The great Chris Paul. We also have another guy who is at the same level, who, if he can give the same kind of playoff improvement, makes us as unbeatable as any of the favorites.

Personally, I think we're a lock to win our first round... be it against DEN, MEM, GSW or HOU... we're just BETTER than those teams. So we're going to have to face OKC or the Spurs in round 2, and either will be a tough matchup. Nothing new there, but I think we make both teams nervous.

I think we match up better with OKC, but the bias they get from the refs is ridiculous, so I'd take our chances with the Spurs.

We play MEM and SAS one more time each... both away games. Those games could either give us a good measure of our team's chances, or they could be a washout because they're too close to the end of the reg. season (Pop could easily play his bench just to f*ck with us).

Anyway, dude... I like the positivity. Too many home-haters trolling the sh*t out of this board lately. I'd rep you if I hadn't already repped someone who was actually supporting the team today already.

Stay strong, my fellow fan! I'm with you all the way!

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^great posts. I disagree with the first round being a lock for us to win. We should win our first round if we have homecourt but if we don't have homecourt and have to play Denver, I would be worried.

I do like the positivity also though by both of you!

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It's clobber'in time ! I suspect we are going to see a different post season team and I think, no I know, we are going to have a heck of a run.

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This is not hating. If we don't get HCA we might not even make it past the first round. Imagine facing a Denver team with HCA? Beating them would be ridiculously hard at home or a Grizzlies team without Rudy chucker gay to bail us out with his chucking? If we get HCA I can see us giving our 2nd round opponent a difficult time or even making it to the WCF but no HCA for at least the first round and we are in a tough spot.

I rather face the Griz than Denver tbh. Denver has only loss three times this season at home and we got destroyed by them when we were in Denver....

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Without Rudy Gay that makes their SF position less of a worry to us. Tayshaun Prince was never really a giant threat to score, and he experienced his greatest success on an elite Pistons team that had 2 other priority scoring options in front of him, and 3 if you count Rasheed Wallace.

Memphis is a tough team, but I think we can beat them this year and it won't go to 7 games if we play them. Denver is tough as well, but I can't see how we'd lose to them in a 7 game series. They may have incredible depth, but they have no real leader at all, everybody just does whatever they want. Denver doesn't have a go to guy, or a real leader on that team.

Denver is putting on a nice little streak here and that's the only reason why they are in front of us. As it stands right now, if we make it to round 2, there's a good chance we'll play SA or OKC, and if we make it to the Conf Finals, there's a chance we'll play the other of those 2 teams. Meaning we may only have home court advantage in the 1st round if that.

Playoffs are no joke, but I think with the way we've been rotating our players, they may be in better condition come playoff time than some others around the league. I just hope sacrificing minutes for the starters all year is helping save them for big minutes in the playoffs.

If CP3 wants to prove he's one of the best PG's of all time, a Conference Finals trip this year has to be on his main agenda, at the very least.

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Uhhhhh, yeah, you're on crack but I will remain reserved until the play offs start.

Bump this thread come then and we will see if your arguments/opinions hold true.

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My problem with facing the Grizzlies is that we were able to beat them last year because we were able to somewhat match or at least counter their toughness inside with help from Reggie Evans and Kenyon Martin. We basically forfeited that toughness for nothing and didn't replace it at all. Matt Barnes is the only "tough guy" on our team and he can only do so much against Zach Randolph..

Denver worries me because there's just so much fire power coming in from so many different places, we can't let up in any area. They get a lot of their offense in the same way that we get ours, through transition offense, and we're not exactly great when it comes to transition defense. I think we have the best chance of playing "Clipper Basketball" against them and the Grizz more than any other team in the playoffs but I don't know how well we'll be able to stop their "Nuggets basketball".

My biggest concern is that the team chemistry that we had going throughout the entire season seems to be waning now. Ever since the All-Star break, that chemistry seems to have been disrupted. I don't know if it has to do with the KG for DJ rumors or what, but what ever it is, it's definitely showing and if we don't get it together soon then we might as well just start looking forward to next year. We're not going to beat any of these teams with a divided locker room. If we're not 100% focused on the goal then we're cooked. I hope there's a players only meeting or something that will get everybody on the same page because right now things just dont look good imo.

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Amnesty_David_Stern wrote:
Without Rudy Gay that makes their SF position less of a worry to us. Tayshaun Prince was never really a giant threat to score, and he experienced his greatest success on an elite Pistons team that had 2 other priority scoring options in front of him, and 3 if you count Rasheed Wallace. Memphis is a tough team, but I think we can beat them this year and it won't go to 7 games if we play them. Denver is tough as well, but I can't see how we'd lose to them in a 7 game series. They may have incredible....

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