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Hmmm...not sure we should cut ties with Hollins. I like Hill's defense too, but we should probably cut him and Billups due to age and injury history. You can see their time is probably coming to an end. Same goes for Odom. Hopefully, we'll see them all make nice contributions in the playoffs, but still.

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From this year's group, I want Paul, Griffin, Crawford, and maybe Barnes back. I'd welcome Bledsoe and Jordan, but I think we need to package them for our third "go-to" player at either the 2, 3 or 5 spots.

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Voyeur wrote:
CP3Heliflopter wrote:
LotsoHope wrote:
Nice hard fought win against an opponent playing quality ball of late, Clips needs more Ws like this going into the postseason. CP3 was just on tonight, been a while since he's been our super closer. Now if we can only get Denver to lose...

Or Memphis for that matter. Marc Gasol is out which helps. I never wish injury on another player but he is definitely their most important player or 2nd most important player. He is one of the best defensive Cs in the league and a very versatile overall player.

Yeah, I don't wish ill of anyone either...but fair is fair and we've had some injuries that have been huge this year.

you guys are classy. I do wish ill on other teams though so im not above that

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pageC4 wrote:
CP3Heliflopter wrote:
CP3Best wrote:
I think we should cut ties with Odom, Hill, and Billups this offseason, look for new and promising prospects, maybe get a really good backup big in the draft.

Yep I hate to say it but too old.

I was rather dissapointed in Billups this season. He has been out of the lineup more than he has been in. Hill has been a non factor as well, and while Odom can be an asset he hardly is worth the 8 million per year we are paying him.

This offseason we need to cut ties with Hill, Hollins, Turiaf, and Green. We need to resign Odom for the veterans minimum (this will save us 6-7 million and if he doesnt want that let him walk). We need to give Matt Barnes a better contract (perhaps 2 or 3 mill per year for two years).

As much as people may dissagree with me we also need to move Billups into the coaching staff and let it be known that his playing days are over. I love the guy, but hes done as a player. Still, we cant deny the guy has a knck for coahing and calming the players, so i want to retain him and eventually groom him as a potential coach or assistant coach.

The next move we need to make is to revisit the Trevor Ariza for Caron Butler trade. Ariza is younger, can play better D, and seems to just have more in the tank than Butler.

We need to also draft for positions we are weak at like the SG position. No more guys in their late thirties we need to make sure we are staying athletic.

Why cut Green? He is the ideal third string SG and we only pay him the vet min. You are not going to get much better value at the vet min if at all. In my opinion he is a steal at that price. Undecided about Turiaf and Hollins. Its not easy to find quality backup bigs for the vet min. I think they have done a sufficient job. I mean what the heck do you expect from vet min players? I know Barnes got paid the vet min but we lucked out with him. He is worth more even though he needs to calm down with the techs.

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