Clippers versus sh*tty Lakers tonight!!!!!!!!!

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Come on guys tune into TNT tonight to cheer on our Clippers against those hated Fakers. Clippers are gonna show them who's BOSS of LA. My prediction: Clippers 103 Fakers 83 in a good old fashion slap-down domination. If KoME plays, then maybe it'd be closer 100 to 88.

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Well it turned out to be a struggle huh? The Clipper outside shooting is like non-existent so far other than Livingston and Maggette. Tim Thomas must be like 2 out of 22 in jumpers by himself. Mobley was in mid-season form, though apparently his left elbow is bothering him so much that he doesn't even want to take 3's. Also the team only had 10 assists again while committing 23 turnovers. Usually if you do that you'd lose but the Lakers were pretty short-handed. So all in all not such a great showing for the Clippers despite the victory. Hopefully guys will be sharper tomorrow night against the Warriors.

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I would take a win anytime against the Fakers by 1 point or by 30. But I agree the Clippers did not play well or else they would have won by 30.

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It's always great to beat the lakers...and see that Cuttiiiiiino hasn't lost his touch scoring.By the numbers seems that Tim Thomas struggled on shooting but anyways we are 2-0 in preseason...A nice beginning for a wonderful season

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