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Will grant hill play again?

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I also want Green to keep starting, but Chauncey does have 140 playoffs games. I think the most important thing about tonight's win is that the energy and attitude we had in the beginning of the season is back.

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Good game all around for everyone- good energy and movement really keyed things. Chris Paul- what a game on both ends. No hesitation in taking the open shot, and of course creating for others like always and played tremendous defense as well. MVP-like performance by CP. And even if he doesn't shoot this well, the team is still so much better off when he is not too unselfish and keep taking those high % shots that the defense concedes (or has no choice in giving up).

Also nice games by Blake and DJ- both were very energetic. Willie was terrific attacking the rim and shooting J's. And Lamar was awesome on the boards & defense, with Barnes having yet another good game as well.

Dangerous game coming up in New Orleans- but if the guys keep up the same energy and focus, they should do just fine.

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I'm pretty sure you won't have to worry about Jamal in the summer. He signed a multi-year deal.

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Willie is shooting over 40 percent from deep. You don't leave a guy who is at consistent from deep on the bench...or give him


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Another solid win. It seemed like each time the bounce wasn't going our way, the guys just stepped it up a notch to compensate. We should have led by 10+ the whole game, but some dodgy calls and good luck kept the wolves close (at least for a while). Still, we responded to each run with one of our own, never letting them take a lead.

Not exactly top-notch opposition, but nights like this can bite you in the arse... quality teams don't let that happen.

Vinny's subs and timeouts are on point and Blake and CP3 look to be peaking at the right time. Shout out to Jamal for still being Jamal despite feeling bad... and Willie is looking like he might keep opposing defenders busy during the playoffs. Things are looking tight... let's hope we keep it up on the road. I know Memphis are checking out our games, and after last year some doubt might be creeping into their minds. A win on Saturday gives us all the swag no matter who has home court.

Things are about to get intense. Clipper nation, stand up!!!

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Don't shoot Mongo You'll only make him mad. Read LAClippers after those losses

Boring. I told the guy next to me after five minutes "blow out"

Sick player Bledsoe. Is he playing poorly because he isn't getting minutes or not getting minutes because he's playing poorly. I think Hill hasn't or maybe won't be back from his injury

SIQUE PLAYER Can anybody say Willie Guns?

In a thre guard set he may be a better defender than Jamal that's if Billups plays.

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you guys gotta watch both Blake and DeAndre's postgame, pure comedy.

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We played a great game again! Shout out to Willie green. He has been playing very well and deserves to be the starting shooting guard. Lets continue playing well and beat New Orleans on Friday, then Memphis on Saturday!

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ArtClip wrote:
Voyeur wrote:
How can I put this?

I want Willie to keep starting.

Having said that, we may see a whole different Chauncey in the playoffs, who knows.

I also want Green to keep starting, but Chauncey does have 140 playoffs games. I think the most important thing about tonight's win is that the energy and attitude we had in the beginning of the season is back.

Billups needs to play from now on if he's going to be our starting SG in the PO's. I don't want to see him working his way back onto the court, again, during the first round the PO's. Before we know it, we could be done.

Willie is just solid and when he's hitting 3's like the past month, I think he's just simply the better player in 2013. I'd still love to see Chauncey back on the team next season no matter what (as long as he's making under 4mil) but for this season, Willie has been the starter. CB has played less than 20 games and I don't think he's played more than 10 straight. Trying to work the guy back into the lineup at this point in the season is extremely dangerous considering what's at stake and who is going to be our first round opponent.

However if Bled keeps playing like he has been, I'll take Billups as our back up PG. Right now, that would be a huge improvement.

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Great win!! That's how we're supposed to play in the 'offs!!

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Great win but the Spurs and Blazers ruined my night. Smh

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