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Did anybody notice that whenever we play the Grizzlies our identities get switched? Like this game we were tougher and did work with our bigs and didn't complain about calls and they were complaining about every single call and were in foul trouble early on.

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LobAngelesBlakers wrote:
Voyeur wrote:
ClippersDA wrote:
I'm nervous about the Kings game, which is pretty sad to admit.

Understandable considering how badly they beat us last time. I didn't realize until I was watching the game that Sac was the highest scoring team in the league since the All Star Break (at least by the time we faced them).

Hopefully we'll pay them back. Unless we don't even need to win the game by then.

I think its Thornton or Thompson? I can't remember his name, but he is the guy off their bench that always goes HAM on the three pointers. He is always the apex player that ruins it for us

Marcus Thornton. The way we leave the 3 so open, this guy drops bombs on us every game.

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First, I'm not impressed with our performance. This is how they should have played all year. (Overstatement but true). We played like champions.

I don't want to play the Drizzlies ( as in drizzly sh*t). We got killed by SAS because we were so beat up. I don't want to go to round two with BG and CP hurt again. BUT---Denver is a wrecking crew at home. But--Gallo is the one who torches us and he's gone. Has anybody ever gotten wasted on Gallo? It's awful that night but you feel even worse the next day. (Is this an analagy? Maybe or maybe I'm halfway through a fifth)

I'm afraid of SAS especially when the Refs give them games, Memphis becauce of Gasol and Zbo's running clothes line and afraid of Kevin Durant. I wonder how Hill will do against him? If we can slow Westbrook we have a chance.

Here is what I'm most afraid of. ... eedID=3732

No mention of why we won only why MEM lost. Do I smellllll what the Refs are cookin' . For those who don't know, that's the Rock's (aka Dwayne Johnson) signature in the WWE. Aren't matches fixed there?

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