Blake Griffin Still Laying A Foundation

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Awesome read.

Asked if the 24-year-old Griffin has approached his ceiling yet, Caron Butler, Griffin's teammate for two seasons said, "His potential is... Blake's what? 24? Come on. He's not even in the prime of his career yet. He's just scratching the surface on what he can be. Obviously, he's a special talent and has unbelievable God-given ability. I never jumped over a car or anything so I can speak first hand in saying that that's a gift.

"Blake's developing on the fly. He's learning," Butler added. "Let's not get it twisted. He's a superstar already. It's going to be scary for the league for years to come: his potential."

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^agree, he is only getting better! His midrange jumpers, free throw shooting and defense improved. Once he masters that mid range jumper like Karl Malone he will be unstoppable. I'm hoping he can get to low to mid 70s free throw %.

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It's scary that he's not even in his prime and he won't be for a year or two and he's still being compared to PF's that are in their prime like Lee, Aldridge, Love, & Bosh and he's better than all of them. No matter what happens in the playoffs, we have to realize how lucky we are to get to watch Blake grow into a HOF type player.

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Yes if he improves and grows, he will be a hof player.

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I feel Blake will be able to get a solid post game when he's in his prime, be a better man defender than he currently is, though not terrific, show better rebounding skills ( that doesn't nec mean getting 14 boards a night ) and show better leadership skills. As well as hitting 58-68% of his free throws yearly.

His passing game currently is very good for a big man, I think that's about where it's going to stay at the rest of his career. I can't see him adding a 3pt shot or getting terrific at shooting jumpers either. He needs to be coached correctly and be taught that big men play in and around the paint, not on the perimeter shooting 20 footers.

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