Anybody Notice the Post Game Chat Between Teams Last Night?

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I just happened to see the replay on Prime Ticket and noticed a couple really cool things.

  1. Chuck Hayes aka The Blake Stopper took a minute straight hugging Blake in his ear encouraging him and giving him advice it looked like. I'm not sure when or if they became friends this year but it was awesome to see Chuck Wagon giving him pointers. If I had to guess I'd say he was giving him pointers on how to be more effective this time in the playoffs.

  2. During the post game you could hear our players in the locker room chanting things in unison making a ton of ruckus for a while. It's awesome to hear them celebrating and living in the moment. Now let's go make that run!

Anyways this is a bunch of trivial, random stuff but the Hayes+Griffin interaction was probably missed by most and it was real cool.

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I think Hayes was asking for Blake to meet with somebody after the game. Something like Hayes' kids wanted a picture or an autograph.

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Yeah I saw that nice exchange after the game as well, looked like they both had a mutual respect towards one another.

I also remember a while ago a reporter asked Blake who plays the best defense on him and he said 'Chuck Hayes' and I agree with Blake because the dude is a great defender and he's only 6'6'' playing the PF/Center position!

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