D Rose BG32, Kyrie, John Wall and Anthony Davis

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What do all these guys have in common? Clearly all 1st picks in the draft, but also all of them have experienced injury problems, some rather serious in their young careers.

Rose missed the rest of the Bulls playoffs last year, and this entire season. Blake missed his real rookie season, Wall has been constantly nagged with injuries, Kyrie Irving broke his hand and missed playing time this season and Anthony Davis started out his campaign playing in only 64 total games this season.

Nerlens Noel who is probably going #1 in the draft might actually miss the start of the season next year to whatever team drafts him.

Just a random thought that popped in my head while I looked at some NBA stats today and the playoffs. We should also be thankful that management has put together a nice team here, while it looks like Washington is going to be in rebuild mode for quite some time and John Wall may end up just another guy in the NBA if this trend continues in Washington.

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Good observation, and let's not forget the player that embodies this the most: Greg Oden!

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So basically the moral of the story is. If you aint 1st, you're gonna last

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Wow after Lebron and Dwight pretty much all the 1st draft picks are made out of glass.


Bargnani(he just sucks but injury prone too)

Oden(glass personified)

Rose(he has no jump shot and relies too much on his athleticism not surprised he got injured)

BG(wouldn't call him injury prone but did miss his first season)

John Wall(same with Rose)

Kyrie(I think he just isn't durable)

Anthony Davis(needs to bulk up)

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Rose was MVP tho?

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Interesting observation. I don't think Blake is made of glass. He's tough. Rose was MVP.

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