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We all agree that the "young" players: James Singleton and Daniel Ewing to be exact, arent getting enough playing time.

I'd like to open a discussion on this phenomenon and bring to light something that bothers me, and many of you, about Coach Dunleavy's decisions.

If you glance at the rest of the league, you'll see many "young" talents being used. Our team relies an always reliable Elton Brand, a strong veteran leader in Sam Cassell, an aging, streak-shooting Cuttino Mobley, a defensive specialist in Quinton Ross, a often-clumsy, bigman in Chris Kaman, an explosive 6th man in Corey Maggette, a supposedly rebirthed Tim Thomas, and a lanky smooth Shaun Livingston.

Of those 8 players, 2 of them are our youthful high draft picks. Neither of whom (Livingston and Kaman) are living up to the expectations. I understand why they get minutes, because they were drafted to.

But Coach Dunleavy often forgets about two very important players on the bench. Singleton and Ewing. He has totally forgot about Yaroslav Korolev and praised Paul Davis, but rarely uses him. Aaron Williams isnt young, but he really doesnt play much either. While other teams are using their benches, we dont.

My point is: Someone will need to take over at the PG and SG positions when Cassell and Mobley move on or become ineffective. Is Shaun the answer at PG??? Is Ewing a PG or SG ??? Do Kaman do enough for this team to win??? When will they turn Singleton loose?? Is Guillermo Diaz not on this team cuz he is a high-energy player???

Just a lot of questions I cant figure out. Having vets on this team like Cassell, Mobley and Thomas isnt gonna do much good if we cant fill in our young players with them. Someone in a different post mentioned: Our best players are coming in trades and NOT from our draft. Seems like we draft players with some kind of unique identity. Livingston and Korolev were high-schoolers with amazing potential. Kaman was a Center and having a 7-footer with skills is hard to come by. Cant we just draft guys like Randy Foye or Deron Williams?? Normal guys. Someone who has proven something, played for a high-profile college team and WON. Our drafts have been extremely POOR: Based on potential and not results.

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Maybe we can enlist Jerry West as a talent evaluator over the off-season to help us draft some guards who can help out right away Wink. So far I like Rudy Fernandez- but it's uncertain if the Clippers will be able to draft him before he's taken. And of course there's the buyout issue Miquel mentioned. Marco Belinelli from Italy also looks like he could make a difference but he also would probably be gone by the time the Clippers pick.

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I'm almost sure that Baby Shaq will be a Clipper next year...only because he isn't getting minutes from his team and I supose it will be the moment to force the trade...Bellinelli is a good player but I prefer Rudy although maybe Bellinelli is a better shooter.Phisically are very similar (thin) but Rudy with more athletic capacity...I supose that Bellinelli have a buyout too...European teams are sick of seeing his young players fly to the USA without seeing any euro...

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Teams that have young athletic players certainly are able to play a different style than we do. It is the reason we play and old school slow down style of play. We could have had a different player that Yaroslav. No other team was interested in him. So we could have had Danny Granger and taken Yaroslav in the second round. Then let him devolope overseas for a couple of years while Granger became a star for us. Worst Clipper draft pick since..........

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....The Kandi Man

Olowkandi has to be the worst pick ever (well that I've witnessed). It's not that he couldnt play well some nights, its that this team invested so much into him and it never even came close to happening.

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