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I just heard on foxsports radio that the Pacers have agreed in principle to send Jermaine O'Neal to Toronto for TJ Ford and their #17 pick. So I guess no TJ Ford for us.

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Aw well- he would've been a nice pickup....

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Brevin Knight as our starting PG in 08/09, HERE WE COME!!!


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You beat me to it. I just read the article:;_ylt=A ... ;type=lgns

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We still have Corey as trade bait. Do not dispair. Maybe it happened 'cause we weren't interested

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Well... Gordon SAYS that he is a point guard eventually. And Westbrook is a point guard likely sooner than that, so maybe, the admittedly less than thrilling prospect of Knight as our starting point for next year is uh... premature? Not that I don't like Brevin, he's done a good job, but he's not the guy to build around... like Shaun would've been. Could be still? Shoot. So many questions, so little time. Besides, as toohip points out, there's still Corey and his yet to be determined status. Could he still work into solving our point guard needs? Hell yeah! Damn, Ford would've been nice though. This also throws quite the wrench into the prognisticators mock drafts. Tonight will be extremely enlightening. Most of all though, fun. It's always fun seeing who went where and what it might mean for next season. One thing... the scenarios that have us giving up Thornton for ...? On a selfish note, I really hope that doesn't happen. I'd love to think that Al has only scratched the surface of his eventual court presence. I already know that he's a hard worker, and if he's as much a student of the game as he's supposed to be, the Clippers Nation has much to look forward to.

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Yeah no way they'd give up Thornton. He was a steal at the 14th pick and was clearly in the top 5 of best rookies last season. Also all this talk about giving up Meggette and the 7th pick for Barbosa and the 15th pick is insane. I still can't even begin to comprehend how this is still being discussed. Why trade all the way down to the 15th slot just for Barbosa.

Damn that Wink

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Clipps04 - I agree with you.. if we were to sign-and-trade Maggette (and the #7) for Barbosa (and the #15) isnt that saying that we believe that Barbosa is worth more than CM is? Sorry, I have a hard time believing that one.

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I agree with you too. Maggette has proved more things than Barbosa and furthermore to change the 7th pick for the 15th is something I can't understand how it is discussed...

We should get a true PG for Maggette and not any SG disguised as PG.

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Well, based on the Clippers love for Maggette, and the fact they wouldnt trade him unless the deal was right...I would have to think that the Clippers think Maggette is better than Barbosa (which he probably is). Maggette will either leave by his own will, or he'll remain here...and the only way they'll trade him is if they find a suitable starting guard and get equal value for Corey in the process.

I'm not saying the Clips arent gonna do something stupid (cuz you never know)...but their track record with Maggette is extremely conservative, and I seriously think the whole Corey + #7 for Barbosa + #15 rumor is being laughed at by management.

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