Do You Want Vinny Del Negro to Stay or Leave? (P. 3)

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phaded21 wrote:
smittywerb wrote:
Clippers_FTW wrote:
#3 get the coach that taught karl malone and john stockton

He had a visit with the Bucks. Seems like we're sitting on our hands here. I'm getting worried.

Is it weird that many of us want a coach that had Stockton and Malone but never won a championship with them? What makes you guys think he can win one with CP3 and Blake?

I dont belive Michael Jordan is still in the NBA... so he would make sense...

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so vinny is saying..... wow thats suck!

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^You don't know that for sure!

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i hope what i read is wrong but it just seem like Sterling is being cheap about making any changes. thats why this franchise was always a shadow to the lakers because he dont know hit to make things work. i hope im wrong and maybe this time will be a change

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yup sterling is dirt cheap

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He took them to three straight Finals appearances. I'm sure that says something. It's just unfortunate he had to run into MJ all three times though. But we'd have to go through KD and LeBron so... All I know is, I'd rather have Sloan on that bench than VDN or anyone else that's available. He's only two years removed from the game. One cool fact about Sloan that attests to his coaching genius, he's the only coach in recent memory to have his team play in front of his bench in the second half because the away team can choose which basket they want to start the game with.

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