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On Thursday morning I don't know if anyone else caught this but First Take had a quick segment on the Clipps. First debate was about should Vinny be brought back to my surprise both Smith & Bayless agree on that he should be brought back only if CP3 approves of it. but the funny thing was that SAS keep saying "as always" that he has multiple sources inside the Clipps Org. that say CP3 doesn't wanna have any say in the process that since the Byron Scott situation in NO. he does not wanna be perceived as a "Coach Killer"....

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Thanks for the info in your post, interesting to hear. But some punctuation would be handy. It is a bit tricky to read without many commas or full stops. Maybe you were just to excited to check?

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@Silasie true that I was was rushing at work while on my phone!!

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Stephan A. Smith has so many "sources" I'm starting to think he has multiple personality disorder.

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very interesting

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This the same guy who suggested to trade Griffin, Jordan and Bledsoe for Garnett, Pierce, and Rivers.

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Clipperman#5- appreciate the post but please watch your punctuation next time- I went ahead and fixed it up a bit for you because it was very hard to read.

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Steven A Smith has no sources inside the Clipper organization. This is the same guy that claimed that every single NBA player wanted to play for the Knicks.

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Here it is. ... id=4686950

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thanks David, I was trying to avoid a manager catching me type that up on my phone real fast & stealth like

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