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Looks like the Clippers are going to win- leading 91 to 73 right now with about 3 minutes to go. It's been an ugly 4th quarter for LA though- only *2* points so far. The coaching staff can't be happy w/ the bench. Maggette is missing a ton of shots here in teh 4th.

But the starters played great- Cassell was big time hitting 3's and Brand was terrific as well. Kaman played much better tonight with 15 boards and 9 points.

Hey how about that- Singleton just hit a 3- now they've scored 5 in the 4th quarter.

But a nice performance overall- they shared the ball and hit open shots. The Sonics played horribly tough- they just let the Clippers do whatever they wanted, so the Clippers shouldn't feel too good about this win.

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I wish they would of played that way against Minny. Even though we won it was an extremely disappointing 4th! Clippers are lucky there isn't a 5th q. I love Singleton I wish he would get more playing time. He made an awesome block, pinned it to the backboard in the 4th. The coaches really need to look at their rotation and start implementing some of these energy guys like Singleton and Ewing. Since Rebraca is out for the year...Does that mean we can audition guys and sign another player for depth? no one of significance of course but maybe some veteran. Now on to the Bulls. We can beat them if we keep our hustle going. Go Clips!!

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Let's hope Ray Allen had been impressed by our game and he could force a trade to our team Wink...Kaman hasn't got his 10 must shots although he has grabbed 15 reb...We needs at least 10 shots to feel himself important

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I'm glad about this win...but I agree, our 4th quarters are non-productive. That's spectacular about Singleton...just wish his minutes didnt come when the game isnt on the line. He needs to play when it counts.

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