How Can We Send Emails to the CLIPPERS Front Office?

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I'm serious. How can we send emails to the Front Office?

It does make a difference. Instead of just venting in a forum. Does anyone know email addresses of anyone in the front office?

Why does our owner keep messing things up?

All my Laker friends are telling me... SEE I TOLD YOU. I KNEW DONALD STERLING would F*** SH** up like an idiot. and so far they're right.

Why can't Donald just shut up and THINK before he speaks and acts.

If we lose CP3, it would be BY FAR the WORST thing that ever happened to The Clippers, ever. FAR Worse than Felton Brand. FAR Worse than Livingston's injury. Far worse that drafting Olowokandi. Far Worse that Dunleavy's bonehead move against Phoenix putting Daniel Ewing in for one min.

It would be THE WORST thing ever seeing CP3 play for another team. Especially The Lakers. And don't think Mitch Kupchak and the evil empire Lakers aren't making a move for him AS WE SPEAK. Steve Nash is OLD and played off guard ALL YEAR last year. The Lakers have a monster TV Deal. They can play CP3, Kobe, Metta, Pau, and Jordan HIll. They can let Dwight go and be a much better team with CP3.

Does anyone know an email address?

I woke up to this news on ESPN that CP3 is furious with The Clippers Front Office and I can't even function right now because If DONALD STERLING (and its all on him) F**** this up, CLIPPER NATION WILL NEVER FORGIVE HIM!

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Check their website maybe you can contact them. I agree with so go ahead.

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You're concerned about what laker fans are saying?

Their best player can't walk, they're facing $85,000,000 in tax and Dwight Howard is about to bring a turd-tornado down on the franchise.

Just tell them to STFU and buy an umbrella.

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Were not losing CP3. Read everything from Broussard with a grain of salt and frankly everything from the media since its usually sensationalist nonsense. Even if it were true he isn't leaving.

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that wont do no good. you need connections to get your message through. 2nd option. write a letter to staples center c/o l.a. clippers. write a tweet arash marazi. he can answer your question.

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Lol man some people are panicking over CHRIS BROUSSARD reports.

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