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Can somebody post our segment? Not sure why I bother because every year we get disrespected in this ranking but oh well, I'm curious.

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  1. Los Angeles Clippers | Future Power Rating: 640


372 (10th) 55 (26th) 100 (15th) 73 (5th) 41 (21st)

No team, not even the crosstown Lakers, has more riding on this summer's free agency than the Clippers. To continue the most successful run in franchise history, they simply must re-sign point guard Chris Paul. If that means letting Paul play a key role in deciding the team's next head coach, so be it.

Unless Cliff Paul changes professions, the Clippers cannot replace everything Paul does for the team. And while they could potentially clear more than $20 million in cap space if Paul went elsewhere, the opportunity to play with Paul was the biggest draw for free agents last summer.

With Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan in the frontcourt, the Clippers are hardly bereft of non-Paul talent. Still, there is a surprising number of questions facing a 56-win team, starting with the coach. Vinny Del Negro's replacement will face the same problems unless the Clippers can consolidate their role players with Matt Barnes, Chauncey Billups and Lamar Odom all becoming free agents. The Clippers must also figure out what to do with backup point guard Eric Bledsoe, who can become a restricted free agent next summer.

Our panel might trust the right organization to navigate these challenges. Unfortunately, these are the Clippers, and the specter of Donald Sterling being too cheap to hire a quality head coach looms over everything, while GM Gary Sacks remains an unproven commodity.

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Wow. Bullshit. 5th best market? 10th best talent/players? Joke.

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I can't access the link. I'm assuming New York, but who else could possibly be ahead of Los Angeles in terms of market?

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Maybe Chicago and Houston, but not even those...5th best market, what a joke.

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How is that calculated? Is do they factor that the Clippers split the 2nd biggest market with the Lakers?

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Uhhh maybe the markets are in a different category like best basketball market? I have no idea, and I'm no genius but isn't LA the 2nd biggest market in the US behind NYC? ANd aren't there like 10 gillion people in California as well?

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Who cares.

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Can anyone post this insider article? ... 130530/1-5

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Someone already posted this I believe and we are 10th. Look at this forum page and you will see it. Probably towards the bottom.

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