Couple Reminders About Making Threads

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I've been noticing a lot of repeat threads and thread abuse in general. It's a pain for mods to constantly have to merge or delete the same threads over and over so people need to be more aware.

  1. If we delete or merge a thread, it's for a reason. Going and making it again 5 minutes later will get you a warning.

  2. ALWAYS look for a similar thread before making one. I merged and titled the official coach thread for a reason so do NOT put new coaching rumors in separate threads please. All this does is create forum clutter and it's pointless to discuss the same topics in two places.

What this basically comes down to is me asking people to please be more aware. Mods don't accidentally merge or delete threads. Thank you all for your contributions to this forum and taking the time to read this.

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<goes to make a new thread about making new threads>

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Boomrizzle gotta warn you for making light of this, negged. Doesn't seem you read the thread at all. The issue isn't making threads, but rather making threads that are already up. Let mods do their job.

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Hey guys- I realize that sometimes accidents happen and a new topic is posted that already exists. No problem there. There are built-in mechanisms that will prevent users from creating a new thread for a week if the user has less than 3 reps and the topic gets merged. But feel free to post a new topic when applicable and if you find that your thread is gone, please contact myself or a mod if you can't find where it was merged into.

Thanks everyone!

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