Kawhi Leonard vs Paul George.

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1) Who would you rather have on the Clippers? (Lets not take into consideration salaries)

2) Who do you think is the better player right now? Who do you think will be better in the future.

3) Who do you think is more valuable as a player.

1) Personally I would rather have Kawhi Leonard on the Clippers. He is a great off the ball player and an efficient shooter/scorer. George is a better playmaker but a fairly weak/inefficient scorer. I would not want him to dominate the ball. Both are elite wing defenders.

2) As of right now its hard to say who is better right now. I would say George is better as a first option(though I would hate to have either as a first option) and primary playmaker while Kawhi is a stronger secondary/tertiary scorer.

I think Kawhi has stronger upside to be frank. George has serious flaws as an offensive player and Kawhi is younger.

3) I value Kawhi more as a player. Neither player is a player you want to revolve your offense around so in this case the fact that Kawhi is better off the ball is huge since both of them are supporting players rather than primary scorers/playmakers on a contender. Kawhi is the ideal second or third fiddle like Pippen with lesser playmaking and better shooting ability. Paul George is a bit awkward. He is ball dominant but is not good enough offensively to warrant that level of ball dominance.

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Good topic brought up. This is a tough choice. I think if my team already has a superstar, like Lebron, Kobe, cp3, etc. I would rather have kawhi. He is a perfect team player, no. 2 option, rebounds, hustles, defends, shoots spot up 3's well, great intangibles, team player. I think neither guys are no. 1 options, but George has a better chance of being one as he's much better at creating/driving and shooting off the dribble.

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Kawai Leonard doesn't have the same fluidity to his game. I'd rather have Paul George, unless of course.........I drafted Tony Snell. LoL

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What does fluidity have to do with anything when Leonard puts up the kind of stats/numbers he does, lol.

If you put a gun to my head, I take Kawai. Very Happy

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