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So I was reading some of the potential Clipper Squads and pick ups in the trade threads and the roster thread; when I got the idea of what squad would win between my potential squad and some other potential squad. I thought to myself which squads would win against other potential squads. I also thought it would be good to match up potential squads against our squad from last year and both conference champions, we should probably include the thunder too (I would say the grizzlies, but I think with doc as our coach we could beat them with the same squad).

So why don't we start putting up some potential rosters on here (lets be realistic 15 on a squad and no lebron), explain how we got said roster (explain signings and trades a little), then explaining the match up against teams mentioned above and anybody else you feel will be an obstacle.

I'd also like to hear how we think different potential rosters would match up against others especially mine.

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Here are the two conference champion, thunders, and clippers 2012 rosters:

LA Clippers

PG 1. Chris Paul 2. Eric Bledsoe 3. Maalik Wayns

SG 1. Chauncey Billups 2. Jamal Crawford 3. Willie Green

SF 1. Caron Butler 2. Matt Barnes 3. Grant Hill

PF 1. Blake Griffin 2. Lamar Odom 3. DaJuan Summers

C 1. DeAndre Jordan 2. Ronny Turiaf 3. Ryan Hollins


PG 1. Russell Westbrook 2. Reggie Jackson 3. Derek Fisher

SG 1. Thabo Sefolosha 2. Kevin Martin 3. Jeremy Lamb 4. DeAndre Liggins 5. Alex Abrines

SF 1. Kevin Durant 2. Ronnie Brewer 3. Perry Jones III 4. Andre Roberson

PF 1. Serge Ibaka 2. Nick Collison 3. Grant Jerrett 4. Giorgos Printezis

C 1. Kendrick Perkins 2. Hasheem Thabeet 3. Steven Adams 4. Daniel Orton


PG 1. Mario Chalmers 2. Norris Cole

SG 1. Dwyane Wade 2. Ray Allen 3. Mike Miller 4. James Jones

SF 1. LeBron James 2. Shane Battier 3. Rashard Lewis 4. James Ennis

PF 1. Udonis Haslem 2. Chris Andersen 3. Jarvis Varnado 4. Juwan Howard

C 1. Chris Bosh 2. Joel Anthony


PG 1. Tony Parker 2. Cory Joseph 3. Patrick Mills 4. Nando De Colo

SG 1. Danny Green 2. Manu Ginobili 3. Gary Neal 4. Tracy McGrady

SF 1. Kawhi Leonard 2. DeShaun Thomas 3. Livio Jean-Charles

PF 1. Tim Duncan 2. Boris Diaw

C 1. Tiago Splitter 2. DeJuan Blair 3. Matt Bonner 4. Aron Baynes

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I liked our 2012 roster against Miami's, but I didn't like our 2012 roster against a healthy OKC roster and SAS roster.

I would say the most versatile roster that can compete with all of those teams would be:

PG: CP3/Robinson/Wayns

SG: Tony Allen/Crawford/Bullock

SF: Granger/Barnes/Bullock

PF: Griffin/Landry

C: DJ/O'Neal/Hollins

We would trade Bled for Granger for consistent 3pt shooting. Sign Allen for his on ball defense against Parker, Westbrook and Wade. Sign Robinson as instant offense off bench. Sign Landry pick n pop with CP. Sign O'Neal to out rebound MIA and OKC and play 4th quarter for DJ. Trade Butler for a 2nd round pick.

I tried to make it as realistic as possible. To make it work some veterans like Nate Rob and Landry would have to willingly take less money to contend.

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I trade Butler for Channing Frye straight up. I trade Bledsoe for Afflalo straight up. Sign Barnes and Brooks while splitting the mle. Sign Hollins, LO, Chase Buddinger, and Jermaine Oneal for the min. Retain W. Green and keep DJ and Malik. Roster will look like:

PG 1. Chris Paul 2. A. Brooks 3. Malik Wayns

SG 1. Afflalo 2. J Crossover 3. W. Green

SF 1. M. Barnes 2. Chase Buddinger 3. R. Bullock

PF 1. B. Griffin 2. C. Frye 3. L. Odom

C. 1. D. Jordan 2. J. Oneal 3. R. Hollins

I think this squad would have a slight upgrade in perimeter shooting, the biggest difference would be with Frye. J. Oneal would bring that toughness that a lot of us have been asking for. Defensively I think this team under Doc's guidance would be in the top 5 defensively if not top 3.

2012 Clippers- Speed would kill Billups and Butler. The shooting from frye could spread the floor when needed. To top it off the coaching done deal.

OKC- Even though lost all last year against okc, I thought we matched up well. I actually think this would still be a close and our toughest match up and would just take Doc's coaching over Brooks. If DJ steps up I think he would destroy perkins, but I think we would win this match I think our bench would beat theirs.

SA- I think our athleticism would beat this team. I don't think they would be able to keep up. I think our perimeter d would be much improved with afflalo and they would have trouble getting open looks. with doc as a coach I don't think they could do one thing for an entire half to beat us, he would adjust when necessary.

Miami- they have had trouble with doc's defense before. I thought we matched up well with them before and we would have a major upgrade at the two. Their is only one obvious problem and that is LeBron. If we took what others team showed to work against this team and just killed them on the boards I think we could beat them. The one key to this match up and OKC's in my opinion would be Blake having to go to another level. This is where he would have to dominate which I think he can, just needs to be put in a situation where the coach gives you the ball rather than to CP3.

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I like your idea of splitting the MLE on Barnes and Brooks. Brooks would be a change of pace quick PG off the bench. I don't think we would have any money leftover for Budinger though. Some team will give him at lease the mini mid level and Sota could match any offer since he is restricted.

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Hoops world had them all listed as unrestricted free agents. Brooks made 2.5 million last year and buddinger made less than a million last year so I figured it could happen. I like dorrell wright too but figured he would want more. I'm actually hoping bullock turns out to be like butler in Chicago.

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Brooks is trash now.

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Ok so we disagree on brooks, what would your roster look like? How would they fare against these teams, and how would they do against my potential squad?

Brooks shot .37 from 3 and had 4 assists per 36 not bad for a back up. Maybe shouldn't get more than the min but i want to see other potential squads.

I like caps squad but don't think those guys would take less money, but thats just my opinion. I'm not them and don't know. The only other thing is i would probably add another big at the min.

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Brooks didn't get the minutes he needed to be effective.

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Bullock's already going to be a better NBA ready shooter than Jimmy Butler was in Chicago right from Jump St.

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Instead of Brooks as a backup PG we need a defensive minded backup that can complement Crawford's offense. Bledsoe will be gone most likely. I Don't really know who's available that can fill that role, Darren Collison is FA?

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As much as I hate to say it, Darius Morris from the Lakers might be able to fill that role.

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ewwwwww... that would be more ammo from the laker fans to say we have their old garbage...

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I would love to do this, although it's somewhat unrealistic:

  1. Trading DeAndre+Caron+Bledsoe for Gortat+Frye+Beasley.

  2. Signing Kirilenko with the full MLE for 4 years, 20 million dollars.

  3. Signing Rodrigue Beaubois with the minimum.

  4. Signing Dorell Wright with the minimum.

  5. Signing Hamed Haddadi with the minimum.

  6. Signing Mike Dunleavy Jr. with the minimum.

PG: Paul/Beaubois

SG: Dunleavy/Jamal

SF: Wright/Kirilenko/Beasley

PF: Blake/Kirilenko/Beasley

C: Gortat/Haddadi

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I like AK but not for that much, and would probably pass on him at this point. I really like Beaubois and Frye for us, as well as Wright and Dunleavy. I don't think Dunleavy would sign with us though, especially for the minimum after issues with his dad. I like Haddadi, but am not sold on Beasley though.

Good Squad- I think you forgot to throw Frye in your roster at the end.

Sign Livingston for the min

Sign O'neal for the min

Trade Bled and Butler for (S&T)Reddick, Henson and a 2015 second rd pick

Sign Odom and Hollins, M. wayns for the min

Sign Barnes and F. Garcia with the mle.

CP3/Livingston/ m.wayns

JJ red/J crossover/W. Green

F. Garcia/Barnes/Bullock



This lineup to me has great shooting outside of Livingston, and really stellar defenders outside of Crawford. Everyone outside of Livingston shoots over .30 from three which in my opinion makes them all a threat, and redick, Garcia, green, Crawford all shoot .40 or just under from three. Redick is not the best defender but I think he is serviceable when engaged, but Garcia can play the two as well. So they don't lose all offense if they send in a defensive minded unit. Henson and Oneal would be more than solid backups and Oneal can mentor them all, and LO can help if he is in shape.

I think this line up would give us a solid mix of youth athleticism, shooting and defense. I don't mind Livingston's lack of shooting because he knows he can't shoot and with that second squad the bigs can shoot decently from mid range opening up the paint.

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Replace Livingston with Toney Douglas.

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I see not to many are buying in to matching up our potential squads, but I got one more.

Sign F. Garcia and Toney Douglas to a split MLE if necessary, but see if any bite on less first.

Sign Jermaine O'neal, LO, and Hollins for the min.






Your small forwards are interchangeable, and you could play the better player. The Toney Douglas killed us once last year that I can remember and is good defensively. O'neal and LO don't need to be right next to the basket to score, well we'll see with LO. I think Garcia is a good defender comparable to Barnes and a better shooter. I'd like to see someone show their squad and explain why there's would beat mine or just how they compare.

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CP3/Nate Robison/Waynes

JJ Red/Jamal Crawford/Willie Green

Matt Barnes/Jared Dudley/Bullock


DJ/Hollins/Henry Sims

We'd give the rest of the MLE to Robinson, give K-Mart, Hollins, LO, and Henry Sims the minimum (only half of the minimum for Sims). Henry Sims as the D-league's rookie of the year, I think is ready to make the jump to the NBA but as a roll player for now, under the direction of Doc Rivers I think he would be a great fit and would be very beneficial for us. Of course this would push us over the salary cap and most likely make us tax payers but not by much. To me this would make us a really dangerous team, a drop off at the center position (visually) but I think that with Doc Rivers as the coach we can transform them into what we need. K-Mart I don't want back on the team but as a third string we could really use his defensive presence, I think his attitude would be curbed due to Doc Rivers being the head coach, and last but not least, we don't really have that much room to work with to get a quality big and I think that K-Mart is one of the few that will be willing to take a minimum contract.

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Chris Paul

Steph Curry

Chandler Parsons

Zach Randolph

Deandre Jordan

^ Imagine the scenario in which the clippers picked Curry over Griffin, didn't trade Z-Bo, same pieces for CP, and then Parsons over Thompkins.

Another "potential" squad, what if Lebron decided to sign with us when we dumped all those contracts? Not exactly sure how the roster looks like then, aside from Blake/Bron. Also, remember when we were trying to sign Josh Smith? I really wanted him back then but I'm glad we turned things around.

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