A Sterling Flashback (warning, DTS News is Never Good News)

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for those new fans that don't know the old donald. feel free to ask danny manning, elgin baylor, or pretty much anyone that worked under him back in the day. ...including paul phipps. http://www.jeffpearlman.com/the-eccentric-donald-sterling/#.UdI8gKuZiz U.twitter With the addition of Doc Rivers and the apparent return of Chris Paul, the Los Angeles Clippers are-along with the Brooklyn Nets-the hottest NBA franchise this offseason. It almost allows people to believe that Donald Sterling, the team's longtime crazy owner, is righteous in his pursuits. Which makes me think of Paul Phipps. Those who really, really, really follow the NBA might remember Phipps as the Clippers' general manager back from....

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Didn't read lol

Maybe later.

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Old age can sometimes do that to. Makes you reflect about the past

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dont forget kim hughes.

For these kind of things Is easy for another team to root against the clips. But then again, you dont make or unmake fan of a team because of their owner. Is Sterling a INSERT INSULT HERE? Probably. I wasnt there so I dont know, but I dont think this is a media operation that since 2000 wants to deliberaterly sink DTS, so these rumours are probably true. With that being said, should that make me less of a clipper fan? No chance in hell.

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You mean to tell me DTS is a racist scumbag?

You don't say.....

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FWIW, 12 of the NBA head coaches right now are black.

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Sterling's ownership will always bother me. The better the team is, the easier for me to cope with it. And no, I don't give him credit for a damn thing regarding our recent success. He just realized being absolute garbage is not as lucrative as, you know, not being garbage.

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He was an a***** and still is but at least he is willing to open his pocketbook now.

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As a fan, I really don't give a sh*t about DTS. I root for the Clippers not for him. But I hate the guy because I felt like he didn't do his part, which is to spend money to put our team in a better position to win. I'm glad he changed as an owner, but I don't know about his philosophy in life.I really believe in second chance, people do change and I've seen it.Who knows, his son's death probably woke him up. I really hope DTS changes as a person not only as an owner.

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That's my Don!

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Perfect timing.

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Way to ruin the excitement. People like this will probably never win. Bad karma.

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if you don't want the owner,you should be a fan of another team,you cannot do anything about it DTS has the money to own a team whether you like it or not he is the owner of the LA Clippers.

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All of we long timers know this stuff,I just figured he bumped his head really really hard about 4 years back and has never truly recovered,which of course is great for us.

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Bro that was 1980. Bogus to think a man can't change in 33 years. I was changed in one day from who I used to be.

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Agree 100%. This is really being brought up right now? 30 years later? Bet bill Simmons is behind this Wink

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LOL Elgin Baylor, the only man to suck so hard at his job yet keep it for 22 years.

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a LOT of bad stuff has happened off the court in those 33 years. we all know the incidents. plus, one of my friends actually used to work for the guy and came home with outrageous stories. total sleezeball.

obviously, just an FYI post. nothing else.

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I agree. I think DTS has made great strides over the past decade. I'm not saying he's completely cleaned up his act, but I don't think he is anywhere near what he used to be. I think that players and coaches would be more reserved about coming here and players wouldn't be out recruiting like they have (for example Grant Hill) if behind the scenes something was still wrong.

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Wagner was a flaming douche bag (an interesting visual) and a rabid anti semite but they now play his music in Israel.

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