Boston Celtics Hire Brad Stevens

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Whoa. ... head-coach

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Didn't see that one coming- haven't seen a college coach jump ranks to the NBA in a while. I'm sure he cost way, way cheaper than Doc Rivers.

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They are tanking. They could hire a squirrel and it wouldn't matter.

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How long we'll he last??...How many high profile college coaches that go directly to head coaching jobs in the NBA make it.....not many.

Good luck.

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I'm saddened and shocked. I like Stevens and the coach from VCU, forget the guys name. Wanted them to stick around and turn a tiny school into a big powerhouse, really shakes up the NCAA when a team other than say North Carolina, Arizona, UCLA or Duke is the team to watch out for. Wish this guy the best of luck. Celtics aren't that horrible people, Rondo is still there, Avery Bradley, Gerald Wallace and so forth. The East is weak and the Celtics easily could find themselves in the playoff race for a long time. Granted, they may end up the 8 seed but making the playoffs is better than not making it.

And if they do trade Rondo, they will vault from irrelevant to relevant very fast because he will get them oodles of nice draft picks and young talent.

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Yep, but he did get signed to a whopping *6* year contract. So if he gets fired early the Celtics will have to pony up a lot of $ for many years. Talk about commitment and risk-taking, but on the other hand, the Celtics may well have done their homework on Brad Stevens, and he turns out to be a great hire. If so, they'll be keeping him for a while at a good price.

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If Stevens gets canned, and he very well could he can easily jump back into the college circuit and go to a top shelf program in need of a coach. Never know when Coach K or Jim Boehim are going to call it quits, could be a perfect storm for Stevens in the end. Worse comes to worse he keeps coaching the most historic NBA team of all time back to glory.

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haha that is a $3.7 million per year squirrel! did not see this coming.

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