Lakers to Amnesty Metta World Peace

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calif.gif ... orld-peace

I'd love it if the Clips signed him. We've needed an enforcer for Blake for years and Matt Barnes alone isn't cutting it. Would Love to have him on the squad to make it so Blake doesn't have to retaliate.

He and Matt Barnes are good friends, and Matt said multiple times how much he missed playing with Metta. Maybe their chance to be re-united??

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We don't need another small forward so no. He is also washed up at this point. Not even that good defensively anymore.

We already have 3 small forwards.

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Trust me, I know we don't necessarily "need" Metta, as far as roster spots are concerned, but remember those little wrestling matches Blake would get into with Zach Randolph in the playoffs??? Yea, those aren't happening anymore with Metta on the squad. I don't care if he doesn't play a single minute for us, I just want somebody who's going to make people think twice before messing with Blake, and Metta is without a doubt that guy.

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Dallas will probably pounce all over this.

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That Is what we thought about Matt Barnes until he became too important to get ejected.

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MWP is garbage...he is super slow....super no longer a good shooter...and we have to many wings to pick him up

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Play him at the 4 he has the size. I'd prefer Metta to Jamison at the 4 and they are on the same level in regards to their shooting.

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I saw on ESPN the other day his dad said he would retire if Amnestied.

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