Clippers Renounce Rights to Chauncey Billups and Lamar Odom

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This is obviously a move to clear up cap space for the arrival of Dudley and Redick as their trades can officially be made tomorrow I believe.

Clippers reportedly want to re-sign Odom, who has also been contacted by the Lakers recently. Billups seems to have fallen out of favor with the Clippers and could be headed elsewhere. The Knicks and Cavs have shown interest in Chauncey.

That is basically a word-for-word report I read online a minute ago. I highly doubt Chauncey ever goes back to the Knicks after what they did. His career may in fact, be over. If so, I salute you.

Odom on the other hand would be welcomed back by me with open arms if we brought him back for the vets min. He's still a contributor and if we nabbed him and Jamison I'd be happy. I really hope he doesn't go back to the Lakers, they are going to be lucky to make the playoffs next season.

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I agree, I really hope Odom does not go to the Lakers.

I wouldn't mind signing both Jamison and Odom also. Both could be helpful in different ways and depending on the matchup.

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I think Odom wants to go back to the Lakers, and if he does well then see you later. He is not a player I want on the team if his heart is not there. If it is then I would rather have him than Jamison, and I would feel good about it as long as he wants to be here (in shape).

I hope our FO works some magic and brings in Dalembert or Brand or even better both. Dalembert and LO would be a solid front court.

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Brand & Dalembert, I like that!

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Came in 30 lb overweight

47% FT. We complain about Jordan. He never got to the FT line. LO had a length advantage over a lot of PF's and he still didn't score. He didn't try.

Stats Per 36 min

FGA lowest 8.0

REB 10.7 Normal

FG% 0.399 only lower was Dallas

PPG 7.4 lowest EVER Lifetime 14.3 recently ~ 10pts/36

3PT% 0.200

Why do we want this guy? His FT% is as bad or worse than DJ. I think we can do better. I would rather have Hill back.

If this guy had performed as well he did in Dallas maybe we would have beaten Memphis. Let him go to LAL. He'll probably be worse next yr. Jamison vs LO. No Brainer.


FT% 0.691

3PT% 0.361

FG% 0.464

Reb 8.0

PP 36 15.7

Sorry for the double post. I bought a MAC and it's driving me nuts.

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Yeah, no more Kardashian shots on the big screen!

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I agree if Odom leaves for the Lakers then good riddance. Clippers ate up a large chunk of salary cap to bring him here last year, bring him HOME to where he was drafted and lives. I think Lamar has a lot of mental issues, not so much physical. He seemed really upset bout the Lakers trying to trade him, as was shown on TV. He honestly seems like an ok guy. I'd like to see him back for a vet's min, I think that's the most the Lakers could offer him too. Which should make things easier, play for a better ballclub, the one that drafted you into the league, and brought you back home after being so upset, or go to a lesser team who tried to get rid of you because all they care about is the image of the team, not the players.

Chauncey should just retire. We already have way too many guards on this team so if they brought him back I highly doubt he'd see more than 10 minutes a game, and wouldn't play every single game. If he wants to keep the dream alive for 1 more year, go to a team that will use you. Or, simply retire and maybe land a job somewhere, maybe here, Detroit or Denver.

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Yawn.... Move on, nothing to see here....

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Odom Freaks Out...

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clippers need back up pf and center they should sign tyrus thomas if not claimed and marcus camby after buy out and one of the following

ronny turiaf

anthony tolliver

ivan johnson

byron mullens

d diop

t mosgov

j maxiel

l amundson

k martin

d blair

jamison and odom also left that is it for bigs

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I don't think Odom cares about winning anymore. He's satisfied with his 2 rings and is very close to retirement. He just feels nostalgic so he wants to go back to the Lakers where he won those rings. Let him go to where his heart belongs.

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I find this highly amusing since he left so he could be a starting PG again: illups-Stuckey-As-Starting-Shooting-Guard

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I'm assuming you mean SG, and it's funny because he was not pleased at being a SG.

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