Draft Analysis On Blake Griffin 4 Years Ago

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Talk about a joke. Only Aldridge believed in Blake on this panel yet people judge Blake like he was expected to be the next Karl Malone right away! Most these guys talk like he's not even going to be an all star or a starter!

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lmaooo OWNED

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theree are so many of these analysts and commentators that only watch a small fraction of games, but think they know so much. I can't remember which game but Chris Webber was so impressed with DJ dunking with his left hand cuz he thought it was his off hand. All these guys are so similar they are just not all loudmouths like Kenny and Charles. These guys probably watch what they have to and maybe the teams they have some type of attachment too same goes for college. I think shaq is usually closer to spot on then the others unless he his hating on someone, it is just hard listen to him spit something out sometimes. the other guys all seem like they have some vague understanding and rant off like they are the most knowledgeable person on said players/teams/system/coaches/etc...

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Just saw Blake and DJ at tao in Vegas up close right now!!! Apparently it's DJs birthday

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But his birthday is on July 22. They're probably celebrating earlier cause Blake is going to china with CP soon.

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I thought the guys were pretty fair. I'm glad that the organization can look back at some of the analysis and laugh........but considering what Blake was like at Oklahoma coupled with Blake needing to prove himself to the front line guys on the roster at that time.......I don't think the analysis was far off or anything. I feel like they, especially Kenny, had a few key "just in case" phrases that they threw in there to make sure that nobody would come back and throw old footage like that in their face........like the spectrum comment with Malone, Thorpe, and White. I felt like he was hoping Blake's talent would just fall in line with Clipper history, so just in case it didn't........the guy could be Karl Malone.

It was pretty funny though....all the talk about how tough the guy is.....but then you look at this forum.....and several people here think that he's soft

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